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  1. Dare Devil Dive at Six Flags Over Georgia is a solid coaster and butter smooth, but the hold brake that is supposed to make the drop more intimidating actually makes the 95 degree drop feel like nothing special at all. I wish they could just turn that hold brake off for good.


    Concur with the bolded, and I think it sums up Eurofighters in general.

    The ones that do not have the hold brake pack some real punch in my opinion. I find Dare Devil Dive to be probably the most enjoyable Eurofighter because it is smooth, lap bars only, and just a fun ride. If that drop wasn't held back it would have great airtime instead of just an ok mix of hang time and slight airtime.


    On the flipside, even though it has a holding brake, I find Mystery Mine's 95* drop to be the highlight of the ride (besides the theming).

  2. "Love" is a really strong word to describe my opinion on Wildcat, but I don't personally have an issue with the ride. After all the hype of how bad it is, I rode it and got off and first thing I said was "coaster enthusiasts are pussies".


    Yeah, some enthusiasts are. And the only reason I used love instead of like is because this was my first "big coaster", so it does hold a special place for me.

  3. ^^ It was sort of misty all morning, and while I've never ridden Dominator before, I will say it was running pretty fast for a B&M floorless!


    As for the rest of the park, we had no waits all day which was awesome Rebel Yell was running pretty smooth, and we got to ride Grizzly in the back row at 10:30 at night. That was actual insanity. Worst ride of the day was either anaconda or backlot. Anaconda was actually a good layout, but my shoulders hurt, and backlot did nothing for me. Best ride of the day was of course I305! It's hands down the most intense thing I've ever ridden (and yes, I've ridden Skyrush multiple times) and riding it in the back row at night was awesome! Volcano's hang time shocked the hell out of me lol. Only downside to the day was that the view from the eiffel tower was crap both times we went up.

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