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  1. "without water" means they will use water for a few weeks then not at all after that.
  2. When they do open, they'll need to open the morning 2 sides further out to distance people more. opening only to TC and GS is too closed in. or they can just open ALL sections at once spread everyone immediately.
  3. We're not going this season. Probably won't next season either. If they clean up the park and add something larger than a carnival ride I'll get a pass. Y'all enjoy the season. o/
  4. My kids have decided to get museum memberships Next year rather than Season passes(We've had membership since program started) but this was my 22nd season as a pass holder. May do a few one day visits though. But y'all enjoy next season. HITP will be our last visit for a full season. o/ I shall now retire to my bed for some rest before work. and speak to y'all laters.
  5. Engine Blew in my van. Can't go this weekend. Hopefully I can replace engine by next week. I Have a new engine just not a hoist.
  6. Hurricane Harbor was supposed to have already gotten 2 additions last year. They do still have plans to expand it beyond Superman. However, I'm not sure when it will happen.
  7. White Water is Great if you like hills all day when walking and stairs..... LOTS OF STAIRS...
  8. Thunder River could use a make-over. the tunnels need working water falls and random auto water cannons. Maybe lockers solely for those who whine that they have to carry on all of their items and wanna give away their money instead of bring ppl who don't wanna get wet that day.
  9. Fun Fact: Viper entrance is the Exact path (with out the theming and zig zag path) as the exit for Superman.
  10. As long as it doesn't start storming heavy before the park opens you should be able to enter no problem. However flooding warnings that occur before they open could delay or prevent the park opening for that day. I like going on rainy days simple because of the low crowds. Hope you're able to go and enjoy your visit to the park. I have to be in my studio all weekend recording or I'd be there myself.
  11. Weekend report: We went both Saturday and Sunday. So, Saturday TC was down at open and Goliath quit later in the day all the way through 2pm Sunday. Every other ride at least once was down Sunday. TC was running Sunday morning and Son and I were able to get in 3 rides before line built up. Sunday was just a bad day for any ride in that park. Still had fun though. My youngest son rode mine train and Joker (first time for each) he's 12. I could not load site from phone yesterday so could not get photos.
  12. None of the parking in the East lot is really close to the main entrance. The West lot is closer but was not open on either of my visits. If I am going to be walking 5-10 miles a day, I'm not really concerned with a few extra steps. But if you have it free, I can't see the harm. If you have to buy it, I'd say it's not worth it at all. YMMV if you have small children or elderly with you. As far as leaving and coming back, I'm not sure. I have a diamond membership and did not use preferred parking at any of the six SF parks I visited last year. Traffic in Atlanta (even on Saturday) is awful and I would subject myself to that as little as possible. Traffic in Atlanta is horrible no matter what day of the week it is.
  13. Scorcher is White primer with gray posts. Waiting on gate to open right now.
  14. Just a heads up for anyone planning a trip to SFoG tomorrow, March 9th. It will likely rain throughout the day. Bring Umbrellas. Or nothing if you're me and don't care because it's just water. Have A safe trip!
  15. It depends on the weather that day. Also, don't expect the water rides to be open yet they usually open 2 weeks after. Last year was in between but lines were still pretty short. Opens March 12 this year. I'll be there as always. My 19th season pass season.
  16. HH has 3 total expansions that were (Separated every other year) planned for it so 2017 should be the next expansion for it. Was supposed to be 2016 but they opted for the BBBT retheme. I have 3 kids so I'm excited to see it.
  17. I usually spend most of the summer in the park. As such I know many of the employees and one person I talk to told me Bugs Bunny world is getting a renovation expansion. He also said they are still planning the Hurricane Harbor expansion. I'm going this weekend so i'll get more details then. To protect his identity, I will not give out his name or position at park. If you've heard different let me heard. UPDATE: So according to my source since the renovations that were done to monster mansion (formerly monster plantation) were 2.5 million that's safe. but he told me bugs bunny world is being (from January reports) completely demolished and rebuilt to be updated 100% with new rides and the mermaid arena is being torn down as well which since it's beside bunny world means a bigger kids area. He said that was the original plan in January. but isn't sure 100% now. but the arena is def going bye bye.
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