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  1. is the Fastlane+ good for all 3 days? if yes, jump on it immediately. that it includes meals and drinks is a great savings too, but if FL+ is for all 3 days? it's a steal, grab it. and as a Hotel Breaker's guest, you get early entry too. Yup, the Fastlane+ is for all 3 days. I'm really looking forward to going back, last time I was there in 2011 I only spent a day and a half at the park and didn't have fastlane, so I was wanting to go all out for this trip!
  2. I'm looking at spending 3 days at Cedar Point this summer, probably a Thursday-Saturday towards the end of June. I planned on staying at Hotel Breakers and they have an offer that includes Fast Lane Plus, and essentially free meals and drinks all day, for an extra $400. I've only been to the park once and that was back in 2011. I figure the lines will be pretty long since it will be the middle of summer and it isn't a stretch for me to budget that extra $400, but I was wondering if you guys had any thoughts or advice? Thanks in advance!
  3. Does anybody know the reason why the park doesn't allow a single rider by themselves in the back car of any of the major roller coaster? I recently moved to this area and bought season passes so I usually go to the park by myself in my spare time. The park was dead today so a lot of the trains were empty but none of the ride ops would let me sit in the back car. I've been to several other parks and have never been told this. Is it a Six Flags thing or is it a specific thing to this park? I didn't ask any of the ride ops because I didn't want to slow down dispatches and it is not the big of
  4. I went to the park today and all the lines for the rides were nonexistent besides Time Traveler. That said I never waited more than 30 minutes the 3 times I rode it. The ride really blew me away, it is just so FUN! The first ride I was in the back car and was facing backwards about 85% of the ride and it was AMAZING. I was also able to get a ride in the front car which I found equally as fun as the back. My favorite part of the ride is the swooping downhill turn and the corkscrew, especially when you go through it sideways, it is such a unique feeling! As pointed out above, I did notice o
  5. Man, I would love to go on the US tour since Cedar Point is the only park I've been to on this list, but the timing doesn't work for me this year. Hopefully it all goes well this year because I definitely will have the time and the funds to make it out next year!
  6. I use Twitter the most. I use it to follow a lot of sport athletes and other areas of interest I have. The best part about twitter is that you can have actual interactions with these famous people you follow. I'm a huge NASCAR fan and a lot of the drivers and journalists are very active on twitter. Drivers respond a lot to fans and answer questions I've even had actual drivers respond to me on it, you don't get that as much on other social media which is why Twitter stands out the most to me. Another great example is how Tony Clark interacts with people on twitter. I use Instagram a lot
  7. So is the launch going to come out of the bottom of the building right there? Or is it going to come out higher they just haven't cut the hole in the side yet? I haven't seen a good photo of where the building is going to be in relation to the track.
  8. The controlled spinning gives me hope. I've stayed away from spinning rides ever since I rode Electro Spin years ago because that ride did not agree with me. However this ride looks too awesome not to try!!! Also I love the fact that car only have lap bars despite the inversions.
  9. All depends on what you want to ride the most, which day you are going. This is the best plan if you don't want to wait in lines, if you want to limit your walking, then start at one side of the park and just go from ride to ride. As for places to eat, are you from Cincinnati? Being a local to people that aren't from around here, I always suggest Skyline Chili, or Larosa's, both are local chains. If neither of those interest you, I would suggest either the Red's Hall of Fame Grille in Rivertown or Chicken Shack in Action Zone. That being said, try to avoid eating during
  10. Hey everyone! I'm going to Kings Island for the first time in a long time, so I was wondering what everybody thought the best plan of attack for the park is. I was maybe thinking about starting out at Banshee and the Bat and working my way clockwise around the park. Also, as far as food is there any place or food item is a must try? Thanks!
  11. I'm heading to the park next Sunday for the first time. Any suggestion on which rides to hit first? It looks like hitting Titan and then New Texas Giant first would be best but I wasn't sure.
  12. How do they do the pull through for the inversions and the drop? I see how they can do it on the brake run or close to the ground but was wondering how they coordinate when its 200 ft in the air.
  13. That right handed turn that then twists to the left that is after the fan turn looks ridiculous!! I feel like it is really going to throw you out of your seat!
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