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  1. fair enough, but im afraid your information is not that accurate. if anything, if would be easier on maintainence to take out one or two of our "problem" rides like be-bop and mad mouse, and replace them with some refreshed rides
  2. You cant blame CF. The GM is the one choosing not to put new rides in. CF wanted MIA to get knotts windseeker. CF wants MIA to get a drop tower. The GM and head of maintainance dont want the headache. Which is a shame. An amusement park that doesn't want to build amusement rides because of the work and budget it involves who is your informant
  3. I'll tell you why they can't hire enough people. First, due to some lupole they hire minors down to 14 years old, because of this they don't need to pay minumum wage. some kids there make around $5/Hr. if that isn't bad enough they also don't pay overtime, because they are a seasonal employer. you get one 31min break the entire day no matter how long you work. 31 minutes so they don't have to pay it. I've worked double shits and only recieved one break the enitre day.
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