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  1. I've honestly already set my expectations like this anyway, we take this school trip every 2 years (although last time was in a different season) and it was really good the first two days, but the last day was unbearable. I really just wanted to know when the holiday rush really starts, I'm hoping that we're going too early for most holiday tourists.
  2. So I'm going to the parks on a school trip from December 7-9 and wanted to know how crowded the park will be. I know it's December and it'll be busy, but just want to know what to expect.
  3. I might actually be ok with a Free Spin in all honesty, even though that's kind of a basic addition. But I definitely agree they need to focus on the kids- the Looney Tunes area is really starting to look aged and could use a refurb. I really want us to get that Justice League dark ride, but at this point is just wishful thinking imo.
  4. Since it hasn't really been brought up, what do think we'll be getting next year? This year seems really quiet in terms of rumors, which (coupled with the fact we've been going pretty good these last few years) means we probably won't be getting anything huge, but who knows?What do you guys think?
  5. Just a question, but is there any purpose for the bar code at the bottom of the paper FastPass reminder? It almost makes it seem like you would still be able to use that instead of your ticket (at least for now, while they're still handing out paper reminders).
  6. Yeah, I think that auctioning off women as wives is pretty bad and they need to get rid of it. I also think that raiding coastal towns and pillaging and stealing all their stuff is pretty bad too so we should just get rid of that too... because then everyone can be happy! Instead of riding through a burning town, we can go through a happy town where everyone is singing together, because that's what pirates always did when they invaded towns.
  7. Kong? Smooth? I think you've slammed your head against the restraint one too many times. After the recent modifications to the track there is little to no headbanging now!!! I don't know what Kong you were riding, but last time I rode it with VR I was beaten so senseless that the headset was so far to the side that I could see sunlight. I think most people would consider that to be more than little to no headbanging.
  8. http://www.ign.com/articles/2017/01/21/guardians-of-the-galaxy-disneyland-ride-looks-to-offer-a-lot-of-fun-for-marvel-fans New article from IGN where they went on a construction tour of Guardians of the Galaxy. Some new information that makes me a lot more excited for the ride.
  9. Just got back from the park, mainly to try VR Kong (never tried a VR coaster before). Single worst experience I have ever had at any theme park. It didn't feel like they have done anything to the track at all. Doesn't matter what they tell you, those restraints weren't changed from the last time I rode it. Long loading times (obviously) and so much pain. Me and at least 5 others on the train had headsets nearly fall off during the ride from so much head banging. The only silver lining is that Kong isn't that good of a coaster to begin with, so it won't be missed.
  10. Yeah, I feel like the real announcement for SFDK is that Kong MIGHT be getting tolerable restraints. But, the press release makes it sound like they only have a month to do it. Is that actually enough time to upgrade them (or I guess just put new trains on)? I was there Sunday and only one train was running, with the other one nowhere to be seen, so maybe they're already changing out the restraints on that one. I think the fact that they said some track work will be happening scares me a bit more.
  11. I'm kind of surprised. I'm totally okay with this in concept considering that the Hollywood Studios attraction is still the way it is, but I'm not sure about the potential execution. The fact that they're only closing the attraction for, let's say, six months at most makes me think like this won't feel like a new attraction when it opens. Ready and willing to be proven wrong, as always. I'm not that worried honestly. They said that they already shot footage to be used in the ride while the shot the GOTG sequel. And it was mentioned on screamscape that they could start exterior work on parts of the building before the ride even closes. I have no doubt that they everything interior within six months, so really it doesn't scare me.
  12. I went the week before Thanksgiving a few years ago, and the crowds weren't that bad. It may have changed since then, but I think that would be the best choice to get around the marathon etc.
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