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  1. does KK have lot's of space for future expansion? i'm just curious as i have never seen it in person. might get up there next year though.

    I'm not 100% sure but I believe KK (or the fair board idk which) owns all the land behind deep water dive, T3, and Raging Rapids, which includes the vacant parking lot between the hotels and the waterpark. Again, I'm not 100% sure but I do believe they own all that

  2. I guess that leave us until 2018 since cedar fair loves to give one park one big ride per year.


    You called Kings Island a big park, which means you're basically saying KI is one of the big parks that gets a big ride each year. KI got Diamondback in 2009 and Banshee in 2014. With that being said, I'd say KD will be getting a new coaster VERY soon (more than likey 2017) since CW has gotten a crapload of new rides in the past few years, Carowinds just got Fury, KI just got Banshee, CP is about to get a coaster (pretty sure it's a dive coaster) and KBF recently got the dark ride. KD is one of the larger Cedar Fair parks compared to say WoF or VF, so to imply KD won't get a new coaster anytime soon is somewhat ignorant

  3. Spent all day at the park today and things went pretty well. Lines were shorter than anticipated (even though the ops were REALLY slow)


    -Fearfall's queue, as stated above, is in an awkward position. However the cutback to get to the queue is really convenient, saving you the walk all around the side of the restaurant building.


    -T3 is still closed. I asked a ride op for skycatcher why it wasn't operating, and she said a piece went bad (sounding like enterprise now) and they have to wait for it from the manufacturer. I'm really hoping we don't have to wait all year for it to reopen, like last year with enterprise.


    -TT's track is completely off the structure now, sitting in a corner where a helix formerly was. All that was left was a catwalk on the Lola side. It looks like since they're raising the height restriction for Storm Chaser, they may be using the lift hill from Lola for the first camelback.


    -Cyclos now does 8-10 inversions, rather than then 4 it typically did when it first opened. The ops were actually decently quick with this ride.


    The park has really improved since last year, despite the few eyesores here and there, but give it a couple more years and I think it'll be pretty great.

  4. I just really hope T3 is up and running by this year & it doesn't have an Enterprise incident. Yes, Enterprise had a part go bad and what caused it to be delayed a year was the fact that it took a year for the piece to arrive, but maybe there is more to simple refurbishments and new train installation that's causing the constant delay. All I know is I really hope the ride is open by the end of the season.

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