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  1. Our max limit depends on what the parks offer. Many times as we start to get more ticket sales, the parks may add on more stuff to accommodate more people. This is why it's so important for us to front-load ticket sales as much as possible as we have a better chance of them giving us additions early on than later. So we don't really know the limit for sure until tickets go on sale and we see how sales are doing. That being said, events with more than 200 people start to push the boundaries of "cool stuff" you can do with a group that size, so when we reach that number, we look to the parks to open options for us. We once had over 600 at West Coast Bash at SFMM and IMO that was just way too many. After that year we started significantly limiting ticket sales so we wouldn't have that big of a group again. Quality > Quantity is what our events are about. Thanks for the insight. . As a newbie, I fully respect that. If I miss it this year I will try next year. Still may plan a MM visit in the fall, though, because I don't know if I can wait so long to ride TC.
  2. Do you have a guesstimate of how many general tickets are the limit before it sells out? Just curious.
  3. Unfortunately, I won't have funds until hopefully later this week. *fingers crossed*. Gonna be bummed if I miss it, but we shall see how the cookie crumbles... *bites nails*. . Damn, didn't know they would sell THIS fast.
  4. Japan has certainly jumped higher on my travel bucket list thanks to this thread. Owl Cafe is very high on my list. Thanks for sharing all the fun, silliness, and humor. Cheers!
  5. Going ahead and setting this out to the forum universe just in case.... If any forum members plan to road trip to this event and would be road tripping through New Mexico with an open car slot would you keep me posted? Depending on what location (Albuquerque/Santa Fe/etc) is most convenient for pick-up I would try to get there. I am going to look into Craigslist ride shares as well. Hoping like crazy all the cards for this fall into place.
  6. Thanks for clearing that up. As much as I would like to go I am now considering saving the money I would spend on SFGA and using towards West Coast Bash instead. So torn... I wish I could afford it all.
  7. One final question: Did I read something about 19 or 20 dollar admission tickets in the last 5-10 pages of this thread? Is the 40 admission ticket through the link under our Club Benefits the best I will be able to find at this time?
  8. Thanks everyone! It is so wonderful to be connected to enthusiasts who are informative on said issues. I created a little pocket guide of coaster info for Cedar Point before going thanks to a friend who is an enthusiast. Taking notes on all your comments, as well. Cheers!
  9. No way I can go through all 900 pages of this thread, but even just the most recent five to ten are VERY helpful with info. I am planning to hit this park on July 13th so all the guidance is appreciated. Are there any rides or particular spots on rides that should be avoided due to being painful or anything like that? I ask mainly as I am aware of certain coaster nicknames such as ball-breakers of Green Lantern (which I will certainly steer clear of when I visit that park) or the former Mantis, which is now the improved Rou. So according to what I read hit Goliath and Raging Bull first and the rest should be more smooth sailing unless it is a super crowded day. So how would people on here prioritize rides beyond Goliath and Raging Bull. I read recommendations to sit in back of both Raging and Demon.... Any other particular seating recommendations on other rides? Thanks!
  10. Going to try to budget for both as we wait for it all to go on sale. Would be fun to meet TPR Club people. Hoping I can lure a friend into going and also finding a place to crash in the area to lower expenses. We shall see.
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