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  1. Camp Snoopy it is. https://www.miadventure.com/explore/camp-snoopy
  2. My first thought was replacing it with a more traditional antique car ride, like what was just installed at Kings Island.
  3. I was at the park on Friday. Here are a few new things I noticed: The entrance turnstiles have been removed in favor of a CP style entrance New frames for light fixtures have been installed along the lake/pond There are not actually light fixtures installed, or electrical wire, but string has been fished between them.
  4. Looks like there will be improvements to the catering areas.https://twitter.com/miadventure/status/926171978540683264
  5. Wonder what this means for dining options in the park? "Coasters" gets old after a while. ir.cedarfair.com/newsroom/press-releases/news-release-details/2017/Cedar-Fair-to-Introduce-Four-New-Roller-Coasters-Expand-Family-Attractions-and-Upgrade-Dining-Facilities-in-2018/default.aspx
  6. I agree! They've been doing a lot of that recently, which I support.
  7. Construction spotted at Michigan's Adventure! Kind of a crappy situation, though...
  8. Los Angeles Times is reporting that "Boomerang was sold to a Denmark ride refurbisher and reseller"
  9. I saw a couple of vehicles with Idaho plates driving around the Muskegon area this weekend. Was hoping it was RMC, but alas, these looked like families.
  10. Thunderhawk was running yesterday. Did you end up going last week?
  11. I think it's mainly cause it feels fast. The trick track was slow.
  12. The new hill is really nice actually. They did a great job. This probably sounds dumb, but that hill reminds me of Ghostrider.
  13. Well I guess it's sort of an area that is accessible before the water park opens but that just depends on where they put the yellow barricades. They had a lifeguard standing at the entrance Saturday when I was there before it opened but I never went back to see if the ride was even operating.
  14. I was at the park on Saturday. Here are a few photos of things I found noteworthy: We all knew metal detectors would be added this year. Here was the scene at 11am when the park opened: The areas that used to house souvenir photos and Guest Relations are now brick walls: Here's the new guest relations (near where the front of park lockers used to be): I didn't snap a photo of the new souvenir photos location, but it's just to the right around the corner from Guest Relations in the above photo, across from the funnel cake location. The front lockers have been relocated to the left when you enter the park: A few of the dining locations have added queuing areas (as other CF parks have done): In the last photo, on the right side you can see the ordering kiosks And last, but not least, here is the new Funnel of Fear entrance (to the left of the tube rental):
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