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  1. Not sure why you'd want a map of crappy coasters. The alpine coaster idea is ok I guess, except that you only have half of Branson's alpine coasters. If you're missing Runaway, you're probably missing others too.

    Fixed; found a couple others that I forgot. After checking, it's the complete collection now.


    I think it would be good to add alpine slides to the alpine coaster map, there is some stuff definitely missing though but oh well. RCDB has a feature that can tell you where everything is for alpine coasters and SLCs already but info about alpine slides is much harder to find so that would be great!

    I'll see how successful I can be in finding alpine slides. They aren't credits however, I'm not 100% sure how well that would work...

  2. Hey everyone! Out of boredom, I've made some Google Maps that are good reference for enthusiasts. Here you go!


    Alpine Coaster Map (for every Wiegand and Brandauer mountain coaster)



    Vekoma Death Machine Map (basically color codes every type of boomerang (standard, GIB, invertigo) and SLC)



    Current map projects

    - Manufacturer maps that are color coded by model (unless there are no models)


    Any other map ideas? Leave your ideas below!

  3. I rank the clones individually, so here's my list.


    1. Banshee

    2. Batman The Ride (GAm)

    3. Batman The Ride (OG) (Only here because it's one of two Batman clones I've ridden backwards, the other being the GAm one at my home park; I prefer Batman backwards for sure)

    4. Chinese Fireball

    5. Batman The Ride (StL)

    6. Hungarian Horntail

    7. Batman The Ride (MM) (This was just more sluggish than the other clones when I rode)

    8. Raptor (not sure what happened here, but this was really rattly when I rode. Not quite GateKeeper, but that's the reason it's the lowest. It's also the least memorable for me)

  4. Bump, I guess.


    Never updated my rankings after the 2017 season.


    4. Goliath - While that first drop is my favorite of any RMC, and it's just a really fun, intense, well paced ride with two fantastic inversions, there are only 3 moments of ejector air, and the layout is kinda basic. I'm also fairly used to it because it's at my home park. Still, an excellent ride, and a coaster that I always ride and come off happy, no matter how unbearable the lines are


    3. Twisted Colossus - My 100th coaster. While not a disappointment, I feel it's a bit overrated. The layout doesn't feel totally complete, hitting the brake run on either side after both of them really get going. Yeah, there's a ton of airtime, but the quality of the airtime isn't as strong as the other three RMCs. Despite that, the first drop is excellent, dueling on the ride is really an experience to remember, I love the dueling interactions, and it really is something you just want to ride again and again. I do wish I got more rides on it.


    2. Storm Chaser - What a surprise this was. The airtime is probably the strongest I've ever experienced, the first drop has great hangtime in the front and great whip in the back, it's on the intensity levels of X2 (seriously, the sheer aggressiveness is like a car crash, but one you want to be in), the pacing is pretty much perfect, and is something that I easily rode over and over again when I was at Kentucky Kingdom. I don't see at all how this is one of the weaker RMCs.


    1. Lightning Rod - You probably saw this coming. The airtime, the speed, the launch.. all incredible. My first ride was incredible, but I rode it in the back row later in the afternoon... The quad down is IN-SAN-ITY. Hopefully, if I ride it again, the trims at the top of the launch won't ruin my good memories of it. I would describe it more, but words are useless. Ride it yourself, and see what you think.

  5. Thanks everyone for the help. I'm really taking it all into consideration.


    My friend helped me make this. Any thoughts?


    Friday evening - Start driving

    Saturday - Kennywood

    Sunday - Hersheypark

    Monday - Dorney and Knoebels (I know what people said, but if Dorney does take two hours, then I should have a good enough amount of time at Knoebels)

    Tuesday - Lake Compounce, Quassy, and SFNE (It sounds ambitious, but I'm just going to be knocking out Compounce and Quassy, and it saves time to fit in SFNE)

    Wednesday - Six Flags Great Adventure

    Thursday - Washington DC Culture Day and Six Flags America in the evening

    Friday - Kings Dominion

    Saturday - Carowinds (no BGW because it's fairly out of the way and expensive)

    Sunday - Drive home

  6. Okay, so I have 8 days open for a trip. Two weekends (one at the start, one at the end), and the 5 days in between the two weekends. Depending on where the parks are located, it could range from 7-9 days, because of driving days. I live in West Chicago, if that helps.


    My current plan is this.


    Saturday 1 - Drive to Pittsburgh

    Sunday 1 - Kennywood, and drive to Hershey in the evening

    Monday - Hersheypark

    Tuesday - Dorney and Knoebels, whilst still lodging in Hershey

    Wednesday - Lake Compounce and Quassy

    Thursday - Six Flags New England

    Friday - Six Flags Great Adventure

    Saturday 2 - Six Flags America for like 2 hours in the morning, then Kings Dominion the rest of the day

    Sunday 2 - Drive home from Doswell


    - - - - -


    This is a plan that I could easily do, but if there is a better way to hit up "better" coasters, or a wider range of the best coasters in the country that can be hit up in 7-9 days. If you want to see which parks I am interested in, basically everything not on my coaster count, except Cedar Point (for Steel Vengeance and the missing credits) and Six Flags Over Georgia (for Twisted Cyclone and the missing credits) if they fit in the trip somehow. My coaster count - coaster-count.com/user/3386/ridden

  7. Day 3/Final Day on Route 66 - A Brief Visit to Belmont


    We're back again. I'm sorry I haven't gotten to it sooner - sophomore year of school has seriously been kicking my ass. Glad I finally found some time to get around to this.


    Belmont Park was a nice little place. Because of the money, the only thing I rode was Giant Dipper. However, I got to ride it twice, both between 10:00 and 10:15 at night! So the rides were amazing. I had heard it wasn't a very good woodie, and not nearly as good as the SCBB version. I haven't ridden the SCBB version (even though it's very high on my to-do list), but this ride was very underrated in my opinion. It was a very good coaster with great fun, plus some surprisingly good airtime. It may not have been smooth, but it has that good kind of classic roughness, and it added to the intensity. It's one of those rides that is intense enough where it's a bit hard to hold up your hands! On to the photos.


    Before we get started, I want to post my POVs of the ride. The operators of Giant Dipper were nice enough to allow my Pivotheads on the ride!




    First photo I took of the day. By the way, I didn't take any photos from Flagstaff to San Diego besides this one.


    After some bad California traffic, we arrived at one of the most historic coasters of all time!


    SO beautiful at night!


    Have I mentioned how good it looks yet?


    Let's get into the park!


    The whole park just has a really nice light package.


    I would have enjoyed trying the flat rides if they didn't cost to much to friggin' ride!


    Alright, let's try this thing out. How was it?


    What a great, underrated classic!


    It was great fun, had some surprisingly good airtime!


    While I wouldn't call it smooth by any stretch, it was a good kind of rough that added to the classic intensity.


    Man, if only it still ran with these.


    I loved this model. Seriously had me geeking out!


    I'll leave you with this last photo I got of the amazement known as the Belmont Giant Dipper.

  8. Great report! Wow, you literally went there 9 days before I did. Weird!


    Anyways, I gotta agree. When I went on August 5th for an enthusiast event, Cornball only made my Top 10 because of some great ERT. Also, at about 3:00 PM, it definitely felt its fastest all day, so it depends when you ride. Hoosier Hurricane was good too, but yeah, it's just a fine ride. I can't agree more about Lost Coaster - that short of a line would probably be about 20-30 minutes. And to think I waited in a full queue to get the credit...


    Yeah, it's overall just a decent park. The operations aren't that good, it's always super busy, and with the exception of the coasters and tacos, it was kinda a disappointment. Still worth a day trip though! Again, great report.

  9. I got 19/100, 19%.


    -Banshee, Kings Island

    -Cornball Express, Indiana Beach

    -Diamondback, Kings Island

    -Goliath, Six Flags Great America

    -Goliath, Six Flags Over Georgia

    -Lightning Rod, Dollywood

    -Lightning Run, Kentucky Kingdom

    -Maverick, Cedar Point

    -Magnum XL-200, Cedar Point

    -Raven, Holiday World

    -Storm Chaser, Kentucky Kingdom

    -Tatsu, Six Flags Magic Mountain

    -Beast, Kings Island (not sure why you put "the")

    -Voyage, Holiday World

    -Thunderbird, Holiday World

    -Thunderhead, Dollywood

    -Twisted Colossus, Six Flags Magic Mountain

    -Valravn, Cedar Point

    -X2, Six Flags Magic Mountain

  10. EDIT - The bump was accidental. Sorry about that.


    Hold up a second. You guys are doing a Route 66 road trip and didn't stop in Springfield, Missouri? Route 66 was dedicated on the square here April 30, 1926. There's a historical marker on the square, and a block east is the Woodruff Building, originally a department store and office building, now lofts. It was built in 1910 by John Woodruff, one of the architects of the Mother Road. You really should have stopped; those are two of the more significant places along Route 66.


    I didn't really plan this trip, my parents did... sorry we didn't make it to Springfield, MO. I actually am planning our US trip next year.




    DAY 2 ON ROUTE 66


    As I do start to look back, this was probably my least favorite day. We drove from Oklahoma City straight through to Flagstaff. If you do the calculations, that's 800 miles in a day. Not very fun, and it wasn't terribly scenic either. Driving through Oklahoma, the northern part of Texas (I still need to get down to Texas as a whole), New Mexico, and most of Arizona doesn't exactly scream fun. So this may not be the most interesting update of all things, but don't worry. The final Route 66 day update is coming tomorrow, as well as a historical coaster credit



    I dunno who Will Rogers is. He sounds kinda cool though, I guess.


    Yep, we're on the right route!


    Yes, thank you, we already know we're going the right way.


    Yep. This is what most of the road looked like.


    Stop #8 - National Route 66 Museum, Clinton, OK


    Yep, this is definitely a big sign.


    Welp, we should do the museum then, right? Even though it's an 800 mile drive in one day from Oklahoma City to Flagstaff...


    Ooh, they have a Kachina doll here too!


    BOO! The museum hadn't opened yet when we got there!


    I was actually kinda looking forward to it. Oh well, I'd still like to get to Flagstaff on time.


    Those are some nice looking clouds...


    Woops, something wrong happened here.


    Stop #9 - Some Cars inspired gas station, Shamrock, TX.


    I definitely see the inspiration here.


    Yeah, I'll have to come back another time to pick up the RMCs :'(


    This was a really cool looking place!


    History, history, cool, cool. Let's move on.




    There's a call from Cedar Point, Shamrock. They say that with some new RMC coaster coming, they need any western mannequins to add to the scary effect. Thanks.


    Yes, I would like some SoS from Texas (I hope some of you get the reference)


    Yep, that's exactly why we're here.


    Okay, yeah, careful what you wish for.


    Random road photo is random.




    F**k that last sign. We'd rather get arrested than stop making suburban art in the middle of the desert.


    Unfortunately though, we didn't think you could actually just walk up and paint them, so we never brought any spray paint cans. That would have been awesome if I did; I would have spray painted the RMC logo on one of them!


    More depressing, vast land.


    Finally! 3 states down, 1 to go.


    What's that green tower back there?


    Ah! We are at Cliff's!


    Another random green tower photo.


    Okay, something I should preface. Before you get too excited, I didn't go in the park. We needed to get to Flagstaff, but luckily, I could get up and walk around to take some outside photos of the park.


    I'm not sure how great of a ride that Galaxi would be.


    That's the reason why most people visit.


    Another random Galaxi shot.


    This drop reminds me of Cornball Express.


    Have fun, guys.


    The ride seemed like it had some great airtime from outside the park.


    It's surprisingly a pretty photogenic ride.




    Just to know, I'm a big train lover. So when we went to Gallup, I started geeking out.


    Train enthusiasts may be slightly moist after seeing this photo.


    Well, after some frustration and late dinner, we made it out of Gallup and got into Mexico. Just to know, my camera died a little after this point, so no photos of the Painted Desert, or anything else that happened. So yeah, this was probably my least favorite day. But whatever, I actually get a credit on Day 3!

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