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  1. since we know the park doesn't care for the "name". . just shorten to "SV" That's hilarious... Had no idea my post would be edited like that. Enthusiasts are ruthless! Anyway thanks everyone for the update
  2. Is SteVen still running one train? Anyone have an update on this?
  3. Word is that RMC trucks rolled in overnight and were testing multiple trains... 2 or possibly 3. Also heard that they were testing the harshness of the brakes. Does anyone have confirmation or more details on this?
  4. Quick question that hopefully someone can answer quickly. I am going to BGT tomorrow for the first time! I have the quick queue unlimited and I received a confirmation email. Do I have to print out my tickets? Or is there some way I can digitally use them at the park? I'm in Florida on Spring Break and don't exactly have a printer handy so if someone could reply to this ASAP that would be great! (Also I am open to suggestions as far as which seats to ride in for each ride goes)!
  5. ^^I also agree coasters are best in the back, but since I don't get to CP every year I want to try out the front row just for the heck of it. Do you get very much air time on Millie in the front? I've only really ridden in it towards the back. Also, what seat gets you the most airtime on Millie?
  6. Just a general question... I am heading back to CP next year and am wondering which coasters are a must to do in the front row. I'll be getting Fast Lane Plus so wait times won't be an issue.
  7. Hello all, Going to MM for the first time this Monday. Can someone please tell me a strategy in order to get on all of the coasters (except for the kiddie coasters i.e. Speedy Gonzales)? Also, do they have bins at the coasters or will I need to rent a locker? Thanks!
  8. Hey everyone. I'm planning on going to SFMM in August. Can anyone give me an estimate on how long waits typically are around that time of the year for each coaster? Thanks
  9. Has anyone been on Maverick with the new restraints? If so, how was it?
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