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  1. Serious question tho..... where are they going to put it in the park? I know they will put the slide where we saw land cleared by Minebuster. Personally, I don't think Soaring Timbers is going to go where Skyrider was. That should be used for 2018 if they were to actually add that wingrider or invert.
  2. I can finally breathe. So happy CW didn't end up like KD this year. Too Soon? Jokes aside tho, so happy about the Soaring Timbers ride. I love a good flat ride, gives me that CNE feeling a lot. Plus the new water park additions is a good fit, another excuse for me to hit the gym for next summer. Anyways, it's weird that CF only added one coaster this year, and it isn't a B&M. Makes you think why they spent so little this year. Looks like 2018 is our new coaster year......hopefully.
  3. Well I am actually a tiny bit confident in getting a new SOMETHING next year. New footers and bulldozing near skyrider. It might not be a B&M or even any coaster, but even a good flatride I will be more than happy. I came into this year expecting nothing, so anything should surprise me. Wait... There are footers and bulldozing in Skyrider's land now?
  4. I know next year most likely isn't the coaster year for us because there hasn't really been any big teasers. But what if.... just what if.... they don't want to tease, and just want to completely shock and surprise everyone (Still tho, $$$ is on 2018 Invert or Wingrider)
  5. Let's play a game, Who can catch the most Pokemon on Pokemon Go in one lap on Leviathan? (Don't actually do it )
  6. That's good to know, because I am spending two nights at CP. So 2 and a half days to get everything done (I plan on arriving sometime 9AM), but this is next summer for a Grad trip with a few friends
  7. Knowing RMC, They can do anything, I see them making a new layout where the land is being cleared behind but use Minebusters"s old lift hill, Maybe make it a steeper incline and a steep 85 degree drop.
  8. I think this is a 50/50 thing. I think we may get this Inverted Coaster that has been rumored or get our wingrider which also has been rumored for a longer time. So saying that it's a 50/50 thing, half of Minebusters Removal will be for the 2018 Coaster. Starting at the lift hill and by the drop will be removed for the new coaster's mid portion and turnaround. While Skyrider's land will be for the new coaster's finale and station area. While Minebuster's airtime hills and turnaround will be for a water park expansion.
  9. Canada's Wonderland's Facebook page posted an official video of Skyhawk for Media Day.
  10. I just realized parks like Cedar Point, Kings Island, and Kings Dominion all have Live Webcams pointed at their rides which you can always look at to see how they are operating. But Canada's Wonderland doesn't have it. I hope they start adding it to more parks and that they put a live Camera on top of Wonder Mountain pointing at Behemoth, Windseeker/Skyhawk/Slingshot, and Leviathan.
  11. This is why I am excited for Opening Day even though I won't be going. But I can't wait to see how Skyrider's land looks and see if there are any markers hidden away in White Water Canyon's Forrest. Hopefully we will get pictures from CW fans on this forum if they are going opening day.
  12. Kings Dominion has some construction fences up. So it looks like 2018 for sure has to be our year. We should be able to get something GOOD. So #DropPodSlides2k17?
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