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  1. Hmmm. robb said he won't be able to post until tomorrow which makes it sound like terminal five....


    I have no idea where they are going and to be honest, even after reading this entire thread I hae no idea where they have been. All I can tell you is that it encouraged me to buy a lion bar for the first time since I left college 4 years ago so thanks for that. It was more than yummy

  2. no bonus Southsea pier photos? I for one am disappointed.


    Also I haven't been on the hovercraft for years. This upsets me


    The Pier has a "Disk-o", A Scrambler, an "extreme" flat ride and a mega fast Waltzer.


    I was pushed for time and did not want to photo anything else on the pier apart from the coaster.


    If you have not been on a hovercraft for years, why can't you arrange a day out

    Moved away from Portsmouth. Might have to look into it when It finally warms up, how much is it nowadays?

  3. Just came across this on my daily internet ramble. Not sure why this has been planned, It's not like the view of Birmingham will be that amazing.




    The Giant Drop is the tallest drop ride in Europe where visitors free fall over 100 metres or 32 storeys down the front the tower, providing a thrilling experience for the riders and a real wow factor for visitors arriving at the base of the tower.


    The Flight Trainer is a one of a kind - the highest rotating ride in the world. Twenty space-age flight simulators spin around the outside of the tower – at 110m up. Riders use joystick controls to change the elevation, flight path and roll of the capsules, each piloting their own adventure.


    The See Saw hoists passengers up into the air and then suddenly catapults right over the edge of the tower. At 125 metres high, this is the ultimate white knuckle experience.


    The Walk of Fear offers visitors the opportunity to walk around the outside the tower, secured by a harness but with no railings. It's a real test of nerve suitable for all ages and abilities, including wheelchair users.


    The Sky Jump and Giant Bungee will operate alternately offering two different jump experiences. The Sky Jump gives a high speed descent controlled by a super-fast cable winch. The Giant Bungee is a freefall jump - the highest in the UK.


    At the very top of the tower, the intrepid few will take up the challenge of climbing the final 10 metre steel ladder to the flag pole at the summit of the building. Climb to the Top is an adrenalin pumping feat not for the faint-hearted. The fearless few will be rewarded with the highest open-air view of Birmingham and have their photo taken at 200m with the city beneath them.


    Video included on main website



    This is still in the planning stage.


    (Sorry if this should have been in another section or rumour superthread)

  4. FC Bayern of course! No soccer fans here...?


    Nah, I'm a big soccer fan...don't really follow the Bundesliga though.


    NBA: Phoenix Suns and whatever team J.J. Redick is on

    MLB: Baltimore Orioles

    NFL: Baltimore Ravens

    NHL: Philadelphia Flyers

    NCAA Basketball: Duke

    NCAA Football: Florida

    Soccer: Tottenham Hotspur (England), Fulham (England), Rangers (Scotland), Columbus Crew (USA)

    I like you

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