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  1. Hi everyone I know this probably is a frequently asked question but my family is planning a trip to Six flags on the weekend of the 28th-30th and we noticed that fright fest hours have started! I just wanted to know if we should plan to go Friday from 5-9 or Saturday, depending on which day will have shorter lines and less crowded overall while still getting to most rides in. Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone I know this probably is a frequently asked question but my family is planning a trip to Six flags on the weekend of the 28th-30th and we noticed that fright fest hours have started! I just wanted to know if we should plan to go Friday from 5-9 or Saturday, depending on which day will have shorter lines and less crowded overall while still getting to most rides in. Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone I’m back with another question! If I have the platinum pass with the Bring a friend free reward as well as the bring a friend for 20$ reward would it be possible to use these on the same day? Thanks all (-:
  4. Hey guys haven’t popped in a while, just wanted to ask which pass gives the best perks for the best price... monthly gold or just regular seasons pass.
  5. Heading to the park this sunday? I know it will be cold I was just wondering about the crowds and if boss/freeze will run with the cold tempertures. Thanks.
  6. I hope along with the slide they just make general improvements to HH. Leaks everywhere, It almost reminds me of a swamp. (IMO I shouldn't be getting dripped the entire wait.
  7. On Saturday the 24th (of September) the prk will be open from 10:30 to 6:00.. What do you think the crowds will be like on that day as I would like to plan according. Thanks :~)
  8. It has to be in prep for a Fright Fest attraction I don't want to sound stupid but could it be used for a Frightfest Haunted House?
  9. It will have to be empty for a year. Our RMC B&M T-Rex Giga looper is NOT going to fit in that spot.
  10. I think most would disagree, there are better/favored parks and worse/neglected parks Places like Escape. SFA. La Ronde not only do not get big investments b/c lack of perceived ROI, but they also are maintained worse than other parks IMO. They don't even really seem to try to keep what they have at least "spit shined and polished". This is something STL does really well though. Unlike other lower tier parks they keep the park very clean and have a overall good atmosphere.
  11. I rarely go to the water park as well, but I would if we got a water coaster. I'm kind of with you on this, Vonni. I still think I would rather have something for the dry side, though. I'm trying to stay positive about this, but if you think about it, it's kind of depressing most of us are crossing our fingers for a free spin. We once hoped for the possibility of a hyper. Then, we hoped for the possibility of a half version RMC conversion of the Boss. After that, we hoped for a used modern steel roller coaster. Finally, we're hoping for a S&S free spin. I'm seeing a depressing trend. Although you are right everyones hopes are down from not receiving the large investments we all dreamed of, but we just have to accept reality that upper management views SFSTL as one of the worst parks. Therefore we wouldn't get any crazy large attractions. The reason I am sad is due to the fact that I think STL has potential, yet all we get is used rides or clones. IMO we are just a worse off SF America.
  12. Was planning on purchasing my gold pass this Tuesday with the 4th of July sale, but I was emailed by Six Flags and offered the gold pass for about 45$! I am not sure what made me eligible for this offer, possibly buying multiple passes every season?
  13. Going to be heading to STL more than I thought this year so I decided to pick up a season pass.. Is it really regularly 120$?? I know the 4th of July sale brings the price down to 80$~. This seems like a ton of money but I have to get one since I plan on going 4+ times. What pass do you guys suggest?
  14. Is there a reason they wait until Memorial Day to open the ride and not opening day?
  15. Hey it could be worse...you could be getting a Larson Loop. Oh wait...
  16. This may be possible and I could foresee it in the near future with the new flat ride expansion the Six Flags chain is undergoing. But this would not be great in my opinion. Excalibur is a flat ride that sets us apart from other parks, mainly the Six Flags parks who all have identical flats.
  17. The 2 rides are so similar (when working). The effects, screens, and animatronics are all identical besides details or props being in a different order. I think the SFSTL Justice League is themed very well and fits in the area with Mr.Freeze great. Our Justice League just isn't good because it is in STL.
  18. Went to the park yesterday with some friends. Never have experienced FF so they were not expecting it to have nearly 27,000 people as Castaway Kid had said. Food lines moved very quickly and thankfully my favorite quick stops were mostly barren! One of my main problems was the pathways being practically full at about 7. The lines of the Haunted Houses could have been planned better and not go straight across major pathways. When the actors arrived on the train I was in line for Batman so I got a good look, and some great looking costumes! Got rides on Freeze, Mine Train, and Batman. Operations were fairly good but many rides went down including: Mine Train, Batman, Fireball, American Thunder and possibly more. I did notice a few workers inspecting or maybe fixing the loop of Boomerang, which is a good sign! (Batman and Mine Train broke down while I was in line, go figure ) Lines were no longer than 45 minutes on any ride, which is not bad in my opinion. The Haunted Houses were quite good in my opinion. Night Terrors, Blind Fury, and The Slaughterhouse were all really good! While Deadly Detour had the longest line I thought it was the most lacking of them all, depending greatly on the explosions. Overall they used the space they had effectively and put together some great Haunted Houses.
  19. McBride & Son home bought all of it, they started clearing it last November and are building 4 neighborhoods, a park, and an elementary school. Apparently there is a clause for home buyers that they can not complain about any noises coming from the park. This is upsets me slightly because now we know there is no room for major expansions without removing something. ): oh well at least we got a good flat this year! Edit: Six Flags is having a disappointing year, to bad after all those years with unqiue rides. ):
  20. A little upset that the secret broken early, but I am not mad at the addition at all. I am excited and have never experienced something like a Disco before and is a solid addition to our flat collection. IMO they should put it where the arcade is near Joker.. compared to other sections the park seems lifeless there, and near tidal wave makes that area almost to busy lol. (Not hate just a question) Why did other parks recieve multiple rides in thier flat pckage but ours only one?
  21. In all honesty the ride choices are quite limited... considering we already have JL:BFM, Superloop, Sky Screamer. So we could predict to get the new thrill ride package (Harley Quinn,Spinsanity, etc), an S&S, an RMC, or a new HH expansion, unless SF begins putting in new rides. Any of these would not be bad, but I am personally leaning to one option (Possibly wrong about all this info)
  22. I read that Six Flags confirmed Boss will never recieve the Iron Horse treatment because the track length is to long and would be to much money for SF to pay... is this true?
  23. Now Thunder River and Mr.Freeze are down... along with Superman and Boomerang. Going to postpone my trip lol
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