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  1. KI- GCI Woodie (Already announced)


    CP- Soak City Expansion, gets new complex like Snake Pit at Dorney


    KD- Mass Effect in Action Theater


    KBF- Gerstlauer Sky Roller (what CW got last year), Soak City Expansion


    CW- Park Improvements


    WOF- Huss Troika and Huss Condor


    DP- Idk, another flat ride?


    VF- Triotech Dark Ride


    Carowinds- Music Express, and another flat ride from overseas


    CGA- Vortex gets the "Mantarou" treatment; converts to a floorless


    MA- New trees!

  2. Green Lantern at SFGA isnt to bad.


    I didn't find GL comfortable at all. I mean, the layout is great, the color scheme is nice as well, but the incredibly clear weakness that makes this one of the worst B&Ms: Smoothness. Let me tell you, from a person who has ridden it about 15 times, that ride HURTS. In fact, it's so rough that every single time I've been on it, I've gotten a headache.


    And I don't know if I'm the only one that gets this when they ride GL, but after first vertical loop, do your feet start to really hurt? Like I know it's a stand up and all but I've heard from many people that their feet "weren't numb" or "didn't hurt" after they got off.

  3. Empire Strikes Back, it's almost a perfect movie, and the movies ending would probably be one of the best movie endings ever, since the Vader vs Luke duel was amazing, and that Vader reveals that he is Luke's father at the end. Great movie.


    Here's how I would rank them in order:


    7- The Phantom Menace

    6- Attack of the Clones

    5- Return of the Jedi

    4- Revenge of the Sith

    3- The Force Awakens

    2- A New Hope

    1- Empire


    And the reason why I picked a sequel over an original was because I actually enjoyed "Sith" more. It's the story of how Anakin transitioned to the dark side. And although that it might be the most intense and darkest Star Wars movie so far, it definitely packs a punch, probably more than "Jedi" did. Honestly, I thought that "Jedi" was great, but I just think "Sith" is a WEEE bit better.

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