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  1. Glad to see these actions all in place. Here's hoping for a successful reopening! We postponed our March trip to Orlando to early October so we're happy to see they are taking these great precautions to keep guests safe and providing things like hand sanitizer where needed. We are preparing for a lower capacity at the parks which might mean less rides overall, but that's perfectly fine with me if it means they are able to keep guests as safe as possible. As things were getting worse here (I live in Queens, NYC so things got pretty bad) I basically mentally prepared for 2020 to not have any major trips and so anything that does end up happening is a bonus as far as I'm concerned!
  2. Obviously super early schematic artwork at this point, but if the idea here is that there's an enormous record breaking coaster that dives off that 200m tall cliff, this is for sure something to follow in the coming years. The concept artwork is nice looking as well in general. If they achieve the vibe in each area shown this will be a great new park. I like the creativity of areas with unique themes that aren't necessarily tied to any existing IP.
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