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  1. For those that have been to Six Flags Great Adventure, do you think it is worth about a13 hour drive? We have thought about going before, but it is a long drive for us. It would be my wife, two children (ages 7 and 10) and me. From pictures I have seen online, it appears to be one of the better themed Six Flags parks. Would you say that is the case? Six Flags Great America is the closest park to us and has decent theming. How does it compare to that park? We also have thought about taking a trip to Six Flags over Georgia, which would be about a 10.5 hour drive. My wife and I went there about 11 years ago (we were only about a 6 hour drive away then). I like dark rides and what was then The Monster Plantation is a dark ride that I think is close to the same quality as some Disney dark rides. Although I do not think that ride by itself is worth the drive there. For those that have been there 10 or so years ago and have also been relatively recently, has the park changed much? If so, would you say it has improved?
  2. This has probably been asked before but does anyone know of the chances that SFGA will get some type of dark ride? We visited this park for the first time over 4th of July weekend. I enjoyed the park but wish they had a dark ride. I know that The Dark Knight could be considered or probably is considered a dark ride, but I prefer more traditional type of dark rides, such as the Monster Mansion at SFOG (was the Monster Plantation when I last rode it). I think I read an article once that seemed to suggest that Six Flag St. Louis could be making a Justice League interactive dark ride (replacing the Scooby Doo ride). Does anyone think a ride like that could happen here?
  3. I looked at the benefits page and did not see any information on if there is a family type membership or where you can add your wife and children for a discounted fee. I think I found a posting that seemed to say it was $5 to add a family member (and the member would get the same benefits), but I do not remember how old the posting was. Does anyone have any information on this?
  4. I am trying to find out more information about Club TPR. Unless I am overlooking the information, these are some questions I had: Is the membership fee a yearly or monthly fee? If I were to join, would my wife and children be able to join for a discounted fee, or is there a family type membership? I saw where members get discounts to certain theme/amusement parks and see that the discount amounts are not displayed. Can I find out what the discounts would be before I decide to become a member, or, if not, can I get a general idea of what kind of discount I would get as a member? Right now, the theme/amusement parks we visit most often are Indiana Beach, as it is only about 50 minutes away (season pass holders), and Six Flags Great America (season pass holders/membership) which is about 3 hours away. Other theme/amusement parks that we are relatively close to are: Kings Island (~ 3 hours) Cedar Point (~ 4 - 5 hours) Holiday World (~ 4 - 5 hours) Six Flags St. Louis (~ 4 -5 hours)
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