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  1. I guess we should at least be happy they can remove/work on the animatronic without taking the whole ride down!?! It was shut for quite a few hours before we got on the ride, our fastpass was for around 4:20pm and was shut until after Rivers of Light had finished. But I agree it's a good trick they have done, better than having a broken animatronic stood still.
  2. Went on the Na'vi River Journey on Wednesday to find the Shaman animatronic removed. Got a screen with him projected on instead. Shame we missed the animatronic but the digital version did blend quite nicely. Both Pandora rides were amazing and I like how they thought about their audience. Never seen Avatar but picked it up easily. I love the Harry Potter franchise but massively disappointed with its themed land in Universal, with those rides it felt like they were trying to cut corners with the screens and it felt a bit cheap to me.
  3. I hate Colossus at Thorpe Park, it just hurts my head too much. Same goes for any Vekoma SLC, Infusion - I hate you
  4. I went on The Smiler today, only 1 year old but I find it incredibly rough. It has got a variety of styles of inversions, some I like some I don't. Some hang time in there as well, wouldn't say any of the inversions are forceful apart from the roll just after leaving the station. The exit of the first inversion after the first lift hill is incredibly jerky. It has the potential to be a good ride, but it's just rough. I'm a bit disappointed. Shame I can't go on the rides mentioned above, I'm in the UK and the last time I visited PortAventura I was 18cm too short for Dragon Khan.
  5. I find the weirdest things the GP have said always happens at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, for some unknown reason. I have had a woman trying to correct me about Infusion. She tried telling me it was a brand new ride, when I had to tell her it was originally built in the 90's at Pleasureland Southport. I have had people complaining to me how furious they are that their children are not tall enough to ride the Steeplechase, I told them that it is for safety reasons and it is not as tame and child friendly as it looks. They still argued with me. And on Wednesday, a family didn't believe
  6. Grand National at Blackpool Pleasure Beach on 30th July. That's after Infusion gave me a headache.
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