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  1. The big plot of land that has been cleared on the way up to Thunderhead will be a new parking lot and other changes such as tram routes, configuration, and the removal of the pedestrian walkways will also be added. The new parking lot will also feature new entrances for the DreamMore trolley as well as the PF trolley.
  2. You will have a great time! There will be a few things you need to watch out for on your trip though. Mountain Slidewinder has already closed for the season as well as be sure and hit Wild Eagle and Thunderhead first thing in the morning. Both have been going down due to swarms of paper wasps at the top of the lift hill. Wild Eagle more than Thunderhead. Wild Eagle will generally go down between 12pm-1pm and usually will reopen in the final hour before closing. This is their mating season and they migrate down the Appalachian Mountains and love tall, warm structures like Wild Eagle as well as they are an endangered species and cannot be disturbed. Have a great trip!
  3. Thunderhead closes at 9pm due to the ride being in the firework fallout zone and it will not reopen due to the fact it takes maintenance 2 hours to walk the track of the ride to ensure it is safe for operation. It still isn't very dark here around 9pm as I would prefer it to be so there haven't been any night rides on Thunderhead all summer. Mystery Mine closes at 9:15 and will reopen at 9:40 after the fireworks show due to the same reason as Thunderhead.
  4. It is the last day of the Great American Summer festival with 10-10pm hours and fireworks. It should be very crowded and the temperatures here in East Tennessee have been in the low 70's and have been driving boatloads of people to Dollywood this week. So I would expect high crowds!
  5. Dollywood rides close for lightning when it is within a 10 mile radius and still operate in the rain. Now if the rides start having issues due to the rain such as FCE then that would be the only time they would close.
  6. It isn't the fact they they hate their jobs. Dollywood is approaching the end of their Great American Summer festival and hosts are scheduled for 7 weeks from 9:00am-10:30pm which of course they are not going to be used to when the park usually closes at 7pm the weeks before the festival. The hosts at Dollywood all love their jobs from what I have known, they are just getting run down and exhausted from being out in the heat for 13 hours a day back to back!
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