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  1. Interested to see the rest of your report. Congrats on making it to the park! I finally went for the first time in November for my honeymoon. Can't say I shared the same thoughts tho. Especially on the Simpson land and ride. Considering I knew nothing of what to expect, I thought the ride was one of the most incredible experiences at the park. The journey from the line to the actual ride and screen was my favorite part. As a coaster nut, I totally expected to feel simulator overload as well, but they are so well done I found them to be my favorite part. I think the themed elements are pretty incredible all the way around, but that's just me. I don't think I fall into the "fanboy" catagory either since I've only went once. I had incredibly high expectations and they where exceeded. Can't wait to see your Busch Gardens trip report, that's the other park I visited.
  2. Maybe dumb question, but I've never been to Florida outside of the summers. I'm planning a trip to Busch Gardens and Universal Studios for my honeymoon and it will be in either November or January likely. Do they close any of the rides over these winter months? I imagine the water rides close? Anything else about this time of year that would make the experience less fun than if we waited till Spring?
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