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  1. ^ I am just under 6 feet and weigh 220. Thick arms, thick legs, thick chest. Wrestled and played offensive and defensive line in high school. I routinely do hot yoga now, so I'm in decently good shape, usually walk two miles every weekday as well. The issue with the restraints is not something as simple as people in good shape aren't bothered by it and people in bad shape are... and similarly with size of legs, my son plays on various select and elite lacrosse teams, he's 14, and so smaller than me but with strong legs, and he had more issue with the restraints than I did... he refused to reride at one point. I'm kind of baffled as to what is going on in that I know they've got great engineers working on these sorts of things and have to imagine that there's a way to make the restraints more comfortable, spreading out the area. It has been four days now and I still have red marks, about two to three inches across, on my thighs, about halfway between the waist and the knee, from the Skyrush restraints. I've marathoned the Coney Island Cyclone (forty rides in three hours) in the back seat and didn't have any discomfort like this...
  2. ^ El Toro has some of the most comfortable restraints of any coaster I've been on anywhere, and the track is so smooth, you don't really notice them, even with the negative Gs. I hadn't read any complaint anywhere about El Toro's restraints until this comment in this thread... whereas Thigh Crush is legendary
  3. Oh, and at least last Friday, there was a crush of visitors that arrived around 5:30 to 6 PM and at that point the crowds were unmanageable and so we left. You may find the same... or the FP might make it so you don't have as much of an issue... or maybe that was just a problem that one particular day, but I suspect not, it seemed to be the getting off work locals crowd.
  4. I was there last Friday and I think the general advice on this board is sound. Arrive early so you can get into the park on time. You can either do Superman and Green Lantern now (we did not) or skip them and check them periodically later (probably the wiser course of action if you plan to ride Zum and not do Zum single rider). Zum first, if you plan to ride (we did not) Kingda Ka El Toro (probably a good idea to reride extensively in the AM as it can get a line later) Bizarro take the Skyride Nitro Batman can easily do Skull Mountain, Dark Knight as well head back towards the front of the park highly recommend Houdini check Superman, Green Lantern, if waits are less than 30 minutes, that's pretty good, early afternoon worked well for us I think that's pretty accurate. We didn't have a flash pass so that would change things a bit, not sure exactly what the effect would be.
  5. It's a great park and Skyrush is a great ride -- the negative comments at least from my end are entirely about the restraints, the ride itself is excellent. Have fun!
  6. I'm going off one day experience but the Skyrush lines were non existent in the early afternoon (and I've heard this from others, so much so that it seems to be a common strategy talking point i.e. when arriving at the park, skip the front of the park, because the line for Skyrush dies out in the afternoon). "One half full queue" wasn't my experience -- it was a two to three train wait, the line went only halfway down the stairs, none of the queue was being used -- this was in the early afternoon, when in the AM, it had a substantial line. I suspect Great Bear is the most popular coaster in the park, or possibly Comet, given what I saw.
  7. I don't really know how to feel about this. On one hand I want the park to realize (as if they already hadn't) the restraint problem but, on the other hand, I feel sorry that such a great ride doesn't get the love it deserves because of its crappy restraints and I'm kind of afraid that this is viewed as: People don't like it because it's too intense" and not because of its real problem. Yeah, I think I feel the same way you do. The ride itself is pretty awesome but the memory of how awesome it is gets lost when you are rolling into the station with your thighs aching. You stagger out of the station and the marks on your legs make you not want to ride again. By 2 PM there was essentially no line for this ride. Honestly though I don't know how you fix it. Obviously over the shoulder restraints would be impossible, you'd be trading one problem for another. The negative G forces are so high that any kind of traditional lap bar wouldn't work, either. It's almost like you'd need to create something that would allow the rider to float upwards while still being secure in the seat, top and bottom. I suppose it's possible that with just a quarter inch or so of flex in the restraint that you'd be OK, or maybe put a few laminated layers of different densities of foam? That said, the current "staple to the seat" that you get at the bottom of the first drop is going to happen as long as they have an open ratchet type of situation with the individual bars, and I think that's the crux of the problem... some of my rides were less painful than others and I think that must have had to do with how tightly the restraints clicked on that first swoop. It's kind of ridiculous, here it is Thursday, and my legs still hurt from riding Skyrush on Monday. Admittedly I probably rode it eight to ten times, but I rode Storm Runner probably twice that many times, and Great Bear probably the same number of times, with no ill effects... Skyrush. Great ride, poorly designed restraints. Possibly a fantastically great ride, potential for it to be top 25 or so ride, but the restraints just suck. BTW, I like rough and tumble rides, hence my kind words for Wildcat, I like SFMM Apocalypse, Knoebels Twister... but this wasn't rough and crazy, it was just painful.
  8. Yep. Very odd. The Sunday night thing was understandable as you could see lightning in the far distance, and rain arrived with lightning, but Monday it was only rain, never lightning, never thunder, and they had every significant ride closed for over two hours. The guy running one of the game concessions -- where we sheltered -- kept saying that he thought they'd reopen things soon... but he must have said that every 15 minutes for an hour or so... the main storm was done within 90 minutes, and they didn't reopen things until the rain had completely stopped, which was easily another hour. Aggravating! In contrast, the Wave Swinger near us ran through the entire rainstorm, pretty much, and had a group of soaked teenagers who kept riding it over and over...
  9. Trip report. We arrived Sunday July 13th to take advantage of the Hersheypark Preview feature. Basically you show up at 7:30 PM and pay for parking and go into the park -- they check off on your ticket that you were there for preview, and then the next AM, you show the parking people your paid parking from the previous evening and your ticket showing use for preview, and they let you park again with no additional charge. 2 1/2 extra hours at night, at no additional cost, pretty cool. As per recommendations, we headed to The Hollow. Comet had a bit of a line so we skipped it, hit Skyrush, Looper and Great Bear. We walked over to Storm Runner but there was a little rain and they shut down. To make a long story short, we migrated past Farenheit, Wildcat, Wild Mouse, then Lightning Racer, all closed. It then started to pour, and a violent lightning storm ensued, and so we tried to leave... difficult. We probably made it out of the park around 9:30, storm still happening, hit Chocolate World, and called it a night. Lots of work for three rides, but conversely we did get a really good idea of how the park was laid out. BTW, the park maps are terrible -- no ride names on the map, just numbers... Monday July 14th, we arrived early, got in quickly, went to Farenheit, and it was closed. Grrr! I have to say that's my biggest pet peeve, walking into a park and having a ride down. Anyhow, we went to Storm Runner, got several rides in, came across Farenheit which was now up, waited probably 20 minutes, perhaps 30, rode it, headed to the back of the park, Wildcat, Wild Mouse, Lightning Racer. Started back towards the front, stopping at Wildcat, then Farenheit, then Great Bear, then down into The Hollow, did all of those, then headed back up, Great Bear, Storm Runner, Farenheit again, you get the idea. Crowds were reasonable if you did some zigging i.e. if you saw a line, you skipped that ride, hit something else, likely 20 minutes later you'd come back and there'd be very little line. Around 5 PM there was a huge rainstorm. It looked pretty grim. I made my son wait by the Comet with me for a couple of hours and slowly the rain went away... once the coasters opened back up at 7:30 or so there were no lines at all, so there was a payoff, I guess, as we probably got more rides in that last 2 1/2 hours with the no crowds than we would have had in 4 1/2 hours with the moderate crowds. Peeves, and then reviews... They were doing a Christmas in July marketing thing, and really this just meant that we got absolutely horrible Christmas music piped into the park all day and all night... it was maddening, actually. I understand the concern about lightning but I have never seen a park close down all coasters and basically all the other significant rides too just because of rain. This was also maddening. It was also inconsistent -- some coasters would shut down immediately, others would keep running for a bit, some would open a bit earlier, some later, and there seemed to be no rhyme or reason except possibly just which ones had operators there more quickly than others. I could see people who weren't willing to wait out that 150 minutes of rain being pretty irritated... if you had young kids in your group, that period would be impossible. It did seem that the forecasts of thunderstorms for Monday (which never really materialized) kept the locals away. Reviews. Comet. Meh. I wanted to like this coaster, and remembered liking it when I rode it in the past, but it suffers from poor maintenance. Not impressed. Too bad. Lightning Racer. Decent. I love the ride visually. It's also well built and so while it suffers from poor maintenance, that doesn't ruin the ride that much because the turns seem to be banked well and the structure is nice and strong. Never any lines to speak of... maybe a two train wait. Wildcat. Probably my favorite woodie in the park. Yes, it is rough, and has design flaws. The turns aren't banked enough in a couple of spots, so the track has come out of gauge, and it seems likely that the structure isn't strong enough in some spots as well. I am rating this highly mostly because of what it could be if it was maintained properly and had some repairs done. I gotta say that a three woodie park could be outstanding, and it's ridiculous that these rides are in as bad of shape as they are. Given the designs and current shape, Lightning Racer is probably the best ride for the woodies, but that's because Comet and Wildcat need the TLC the worst. I suspect Wildcat would be right up my alley if it was in better shape. Wild Mouse. Nothing special. Did not ride Trailblazer, Cocoa Cruiser, Sidewinder. Storm Runner. Loved it. Unique. Skyrush. Cool ride. The restraints are problematic. It's clear the general public doesn't like the ride, basically the only ongoing common negative comments I heard all day regarding coasters from the GP were for this ride, complaining about leg pain. I found the ride painful with rerides... we probably got six to eight rides on it, and could have had many more but my son refused to ride it any more... and secretly I was kind of relieved when he refused to ride it more LOL. Sooperdooperlooper. Semi historic, and I love Schwarzkopf coasters, but I agree with others when they say that the design is kind of boring. Worth a couple of rides. Farenheit. Unique coaster, not all that exciting of a ride, IMHO. The back is probably the best on this one, as you get some interesting airtime as you get pulled over the top of the lift hill. The short trains means the ride doesn't have that sense of momentum or force that you would normally get on a ride this size. Great Bear. Saving the best for last... this is one of the better inverted B&M that I've been on, and possibly the best. I think the elements are well spaced and timed and the layout is somewhat unpredictable. I cannot recall precisely when I was last at Hersheypark, but it's been a while, and although there are newer coasters that I'm not entirely enamored with, it's clear that the four or so new coasters takes the park from being something that is easily doable in a half day and makes the park a full day park. So in that sense, they were a great investment... and presumably different people will like different ones, at least to some extent. It felt to me that they've got a really nice range of coasters and overall it's a very unique park as a result. The three woodies are quite different from one another, Storm Runner isn't really like anything else anywhere, same with Skyrush, same with Fahrenheit, and Great Bear is one of the best inverted B&M, I think. I was pleasantly surprised overall with the park -- I think my last time there, they had Roller Soaker, but did not have Fahrenheit, Skyrush or Storm Runner -- that visit it was also super crowded and very hot. I think we left in the mid afternoon (4 PM or so) when the heat and crowds got unbearable. The coaster lineup is much better now, and we got lucky with the crowds and the weather. Hersheypark stood up well in comparison with SFGAdv which we had done just a couple days prior... there's no Kingda Ka or El Toro, but there is a nice variety of strong thrill rides. Anyhow, sorry for the length, I type fast and edit slow
  10. Great comments, and yes, some of what was going on Ka was the particular operator -- early in the day they routinely got two trains out for every Zum cycle, but that later crew was really not hitting that with any regularity -- the operator in the afternoon was also allowing people to loiter in the exit and on the exit platform, and I'm sorry, even if they have a medical band and just got off, they can't stand there while the ride is loading and dispatching, especially when they are kids that have no parent and seem physically fine i.e. they walked up the exit and down the stairs. One kid was on his cell phone and when the op with the mic asked people to leave the exit, he walked further down the platform, to the closed area, and turned his back to her, so he could hear his phone better! There were two adults on the exit stairs with babies... seriously, I can't make this stuff up. No effort at all by the ops to encourage the platinum band guys to leave after a few rides... it was really bad in the afternoon. I'm not a huge drop tower guy. I love coasters but am afraid of heights. I'm fine if I keep moving though. Worst coaster experience of my life was being stuck at the top of the lift hill on Magnum XL 200 for about a half hour... lightly swaying in a moderate wind... I am absolutely well aware of the tendency of coasters in summer to run incredibly well as the day cools off... I would love to experience El Toro in those conditions or after a light rain... or even better, both... For a while my home park was Riverside (now SFNE) and I had a LOT of rides on the Cyclone there, which when well maintained and THE coaster in the park was a hell of a ride... and I had the opportunity to ride it many times after 95 degree days, and also after short afternoon thunderstorms, and it was a mind blowing ride in those conditions, the turn after the first drop was just crazy. (If not familiar, rather than a banked turn, it ran uphill, then took a *hard* right turn, and arc down i.e. there's a spot on that turn where the whole train jumps sideways and then launches back down. Unique.) Yeah, I'll be back. It'll have to be on a less crowded day. One time in 1992, I think it was, the crowds were so light on a weekday that I rode Great American Scream Machine forty times in a few hours. I'd love to do that with El Toro. Anyhow, Ryan, thanks for taking the time to read and respond to my comments. It's super cool and you do it well. I am sincerely impressed with SFGAdv and was expecting it to stack up poorly vs SFMM but your two signature rides, Kingda Ka and El Toro, match up very well with Tatsu and X2, and given the rest of the lineup, primarily on the strength of the maintenance, honestly, SFGAdv has to get the crown... I know, I know, I don't want to start a religious war in this SFGAdv thread about SFMM LOL but I was frankly not expecting that I'd feel this way. Too bad I live in Seattle now and not Boston!
  11. Quick report. We ended up going Friday and that was the wrong choice... would have been better to go Wednesday. The crowds got very heavy starting at 6 PM and it killed the day for us at that point. We arrived a little behind schedule but still before opening (and I have a Discover card). Unfortunately the people at the ticket booths could not get the promotional codes on my coupon to work, so I had to go to Guest Services, which wasted a half hour. We didn't get into the park until nearly 11 AM. I have never seen Kingda Ka in operation but I have been an enthusiast of coasters for forty years... and have actually paid attention to how they work for probably thirty years. It's clear that normal operation would be loading on two sides, likely running four trains, possibly with people unloading in the back and loading in the front. They only ran one side, two trains, and were only filling in the front. They often only fired one train between cycles of the drop tower, though sometimes they'd get two in. Seems to me that this was a SERIOUS drop off in capacity. The other issue with KK is that there were many people with medical armbands who would ride over and over, same with the platinum pass guys. There were times we'd be in line and see two trains fire, and then the line would move a bunch, or two trains would fire, and we didn't move at all. When we got to the top of the queue, we saw why... we were in the front of the line waiting for our turn and waited five trains! (This was in the afternoon, second ride.) So, that's all the negatives, got them out of the way, LOL, thanks for letting me vent. Kingda Ka. I'd quote Cheech and Chong "Kinda gets you by the boo boo, don't it?" and a poster here who said, paraphrasing, that this is a one trick ride, but boy, what a trick. Really crazy intense ride. The lines for the front were ridiculous, so no front rides, but we did get two rides in, one at the start of the day and one at the end, and they were quite different... the second ride it felt like we had a lot more momentum going over the top, and the down was really quite nuts. El Toro. I loved this ride. It might be the best wooden coaster I've ridden. Hard to say, I'll get a chance to ride the Phoenix again on Tuesday LOL. So smooth. Great drop, great airtime, fun layout. We did two rides in the AM and stupidly left as the line was just starting to build. When we tried to come back in the late afternoon, it was over 50 minutes, which seemed insane... we ended up leaving the park at that point as all the rides had crazy lines. Bizarro. Obviously similar to SFMM Scream, but better, the landscaping adds something for sure, and I think the layout is a bit more interesting. One ride, no line, could have rerode. We took the skyride over to the other side of the park, wanting to ride Nitro, but it was closed for technical difficulties. Batman. Semi yawn, more or less identical to all the other SF Batman. Likely again somewhat better maintained than the SFMM Batman, the theming, the trains, the track. One ride, no line, could have rerode. Dark Knight. Honestly, I'm offended that a company like Six Flags spent money on this ride. The best thing about the ride was the intro movie. The theming inside is just kind of lame and cheesy. Wow, so bad. One (lame) ride. Nitro. Fun ride. They spent time cycling trains off and on for no apparent reason while we wilted in the heat. Definitely some airtime in the back. The helix is a bit intense, otherwise it could easily be a ride you could ride over and over. We got a second ride in later in the day, they were running three trains, from the 30 minute sign, it's more like 20 when three trains are running. Not impressed by the operations on this ride. Houdini is not a coaster but given the positive comments here, we made a point of riding it, and I loved it, and so did my son. It was awesomely interesting and fun. Really unique! Superman Ultimate Flight. Again, props to the board for telling us to check this ride a few times during the day. We got one hour, then one hour, then an estimate of thirty minutes, so the third time we went by we finally rode. The 30 minute wait turned out to be a bit less than 20 minutes, and when we got off, we were able to reride with no line. Fun ride, obviously very similar to SFMM Tatsu but without the same level of intensity, which is probably good in some sense i.e. I think the pretzel roll makes Tatsu a bit too intense for a good chunk of the public, where S:UF is clearly a thrill ride but something more people will enjoy as opposed to be scared of. Very cool to get a front seat ride in, and a back seat ride, incredibly different. Green Lantern. I have liked standing coasters before, but my most recent experience with them, SFMM Riddler's Revenge, boxed my ears so hard that I was, like, "what was I thinking?" so I approached GL with a little trepidation. No worries, again, SFGAdv has a much better maintained ride, the track was in better shape, not nearly as much thrashing, and perhaps more important, the padding was obviously all fairly new and in really good shape, so the restraints worked better and were way more comfortable than the SFMM version. Nice standing coaster, again, probably something the general public finds interesting as a novelty but not a big reride factor, we checked periodically and probably around 3:30 PM or so the line was only maybe 20 minutes, after having been an hour plus earlier in the day. We checked on Skull Mountain a few times during the day and the line was always 30 minutes plus so we never rode it. I would have liked to but there obviously were tons of families with younger kids there that day and so the line was just jam packed. The redeye caught up to us pretty hard around 5 PM or thereabouts, and when the big crowds arrived at 6 PM or so, it was clear that Friday night was going to be nuts, and we just couldn't stomach waiting 50 minutes for a ride that was a walk on in the AM, so we bailed. Wednesday would have been smarter, probably, but then again, we couldn't have stayed into the evening Wednesday anyway for this particular trip, so it's fine, probably a wash. Did not ride the smaller family coasters (Blackbeard, Road Runner, Mine Train). Overall, it's a much nicer park than SFMM, and El Toro and Kingda Ka are head and shoulders above anything SFMM has. X2 is a very unique coaster, and Tatsu kicks butt, and Goliath is IMHO superior to Nitro... but the SFGAdv Batman is better than the SFMM version, Green Lantern is way better than Riddler's Revenge, Bizarro is way better than Scream, and SFGAdv has a lot better theming throughout and is overall in better condition than SFMM. I was surprised, as in the early 1990s, it was exactly the other way around, SFGAdv was pretty rundown in places and borderline dangerous (robberies in the parking lot, bands of teenage thugs in the park) where SFMM was clean and organized and painted and better maintained. Kudos to the board, they made some very good calls, the ride sequence worked great and had we not had the snafu with the front gate people -- ticket booth can't do promo, wait for twenty minutes and guest services does promo no problem -- we would have been in at 10:20, gotten on Ka, and that would have saved us an hour that could have easily translated into five more rides on El Toro. For posterity... the sequence: Zum (we skipped) Ka El Toro Bizarro Skyride Skull Mountain (we skipped because of long lines, checked a few times, always long, never got on) Nitro (was closed, came back later) Batman Dark Knight (so lame) Houdini (not a coaster, not on the sequence before, but a good place to do it, great ride) Superman (check through day, if less than thirty minutes, probably a good time to ride) Green Lantern (if Superman has a reasonable line, this probably does too) Thanks for all of your help!
  12. Definitely helpful, the part about the $20 for $16 at the supermarket... the pricing on the web site has $3 for Flying Turns, $2.50 for the other two woodies, so that's 20% off those prices, which is helpful for sure. They don't always offer the ride all day option (mostly weekdays) but I see $44 for all day with coasters, with an option to pay $40 if you buy tickets in advance online. If you figure that you're going to ride the three coasters equally, at $16 for $20 in tickets, you'd be paying about $2.13 per ride, so at the $40 price, you'd need 19 coaster rides to break even... I dunno, I've definitely gotten 19 coaster rides in a day before LOL actually I think my record is something like 40, which was on a seven inversion steel coaster, which I did in several hours, originally planning to get 50 rides, but had such a headache that I quit... I digress. Seems to me on a random Tuesday there's probably a good chance of little to no lines for a good chunk of the day so maybe the POP isn't that bad of a deal... It just seems a little funny to me that Knoebels charges a POP that's similar to Dorney and within $5 or so of Great Adventure and Hersheypark. Then again, they don't gouge on food, and don't mind if people bring food either, which is a huge savings.
  13. Hi there, new to the board, looking for Dorney Park expertise... The last time I was at Dorney Park, I was there for a wedding, which was on Hercules... I was part of the wedding, we were held on the lift hill while vows were exchanged, and then took the plunge together! It was great! Can't imagine something more appropriate for two coaster lovers... We will be at the park either Friday July 11th or Wednesday July 16th, not precisely sure yet. We should be there near opening, but probably won't stay beyond 6 PM or so, as we've either got to get to bed for early lacrosse games on the 12th, or we've got to get to the airport on the 16th... I've got a couple of questions. It seems from reading the board that the Dorney coasters typically don't have long lines, which is great. Are there any coasters that should be prioritized in the early part of the day, like coasters that are very popular or take forever to load? Second, trying to find details on discounted admission, the best I've heard about is to go in person to Weis-King supermarket (there's one on Hamilton near Dorney, and they seem to be pretty common) and buy tickets there, but I haven't been able to get much in the way of details as to what the pricing is. Any other suggestions or more details for me? There are rumors of coupons at fast food places or on Coca-Cola beverage cans, but I can't find details and so have no idea if that would be better or worse. Thanks in advance. I'm really looking forward to the trip!
  14. Hi there, new to the board, looking for some Knoebels expertise... We will be at the park planning to be there all day Tuesday July 12th. The last time I was there they had just opened Twister, so it's been a while. I'm open to any general suggestions, first off, but mostly I was curious, any suggestions for discounted tickets? The all you can ride deal seems pretty steep, I see that for our day we can get discounted per ride tickets... but I suspect we'll probably try to get on Flying Turns two or three times, and ride Phoenix and Twister six to eight times each, if the lines aren't bad, so the math is confusing but even with the high price on the all you can ride, it seems like a better deal, if you do get 15+ coaster rides in. Basically wondering if there are some unpublished discounts like coupons at local businesses, or something like that... also I suppose they might have an unpublished discount for members of coaster clubs (like ACE, which I am a member of). Thanks in advance for details from the locals. I'm really looking forward to the trip!
  15. Hi there, new to the board, looking for some Hersheypark expertise... We will be at the park planning on taking advantage of the preview time Sunday evening July 13th and then the day in the park Monday July 14th. I've got a couple of questions. First, any recommended coaster riding sequences? Coasters that are notorious for being slow to load (like cycle rides) or notorious for having crowds all day? Anything you'd specifically recommend getting on Sunday night? Please, enlighten me! Last time I was at Hershey the Soaker Coaster had just opened... I think that's right... so it's changed a bit LOL Second, I'm trying to find the best deal for discounted tickets. I've seen the online Pennsylvania Dutch Scout tickets (2 adults ends up being 93.70 with fees) http://padutchbsa.org/discounted-hersheypark-tickets/ and have heard a rumor of a better deal at Giant Food Stores, but the details online indicate that the price is basically the same and the free parking voucher isn't offered anymore (June 30th) but I have no idea how accurate that is. https://www.giantfoodstores.com/shareddev/sharedcontent/sp/HersheyPark/ Any suggestions for me? There are rumors of coupons at Subway, but I can't find details and so have no idea if that would be better or worse. Thanks in advance. I'm really looking forward to the trip!
  16. Thanks for the replies so far. Sounds like there are a variety of opinions, and I totally understand LOL in that I'm having my own issues going back and forth with the decision making process. Reading back through the thread a few things caught my eye... I see conflicting information on the web site about the Thrill Pass... if I purchase that -- either online or in person -- can I immediately use it for bring a friend free? There's some language about Thrill Pass not offering that option. Is the in person price the same as online (and similar amounts of hassle)? There's a pretty large processing fee for buying online... I also read some references here on the board to add a friend to a flash pass for free, but don't see that benefit online for season pass holders. It's kind of funny but the ACE 50% off the gate price for single day admission works out to be the EXACT same cost as a thrill pass... and if that comes with bring a friend free, and can be bought at the gate with no additional processing charges, there's no downside to going that route, and it might be usable some other time... or usable if we have to get a flash pass because of crowds. Then again, the fine print says the thrill pass isn't usable at other Six Flags parks... that's really odd, and something I've never seen at another Six Flags, then again, my main experience has been with Magic Mountain. Huh. I guess I'm confused, which doesn't surprise me, it's Six Flags, and if I try to call with a question, I'll be on hold for 30-45 minutes and get someone who will give me an answer that might not be correct LOL, and if I email corporate, I will get a correct answer in three days. Anyone who knows the ins and outs of season pass purchase have a quick and dirty opinion on the logic of buying a pass strictly for one day with bring a friend free?
  17. Hi there, a few specific questions for those who would know! We're landing in Philadelphia tomorrow Friday July 11th at 8:50 AM and will pick up a rental car. Plan A has been to head to Great Adventure from the airport. I'm slightly concerned about two things, though... first, we'll probably have to stop for breakfast, and so it's possible we'll miss park opening at 10:30 AM. Second, we're on a red eye and are going to be tired, so will probably have to leave the park in the evening, probably 6 PM. Plan B would be to go on Wednesday July 16th. We would be staying the night before in Allentown so could definitely make park opening. It would be similar timing in that our flight out of Philadelphia is at 8:30 PM so we'd have to leave the park a bit earlier. Given those two scenarios, which would you pick and why? Second question... I had planned on one day at Great Adventure, and the other day at Dorney Park, mostly just for the sake of variety... and I had thought originally that we'd get a full day Friday at Great Adventure and a partial day Wednesday at Dorney Park. Financial considerations aside, and given that we aren't interested in the water parks or the safari, would you do one day at each park or two at Great Adventure? Third and final question... I have read some of the suggested ride sequences and will consider those absolutely but was wondering if there are any coasters that are cycle coasters i.e. one train that has to unload and load to repeat so it's super important to get to them early and if the line looks long it is long? Is Kingda Ka that type of coaster? (Hence my concerns about not being there for park opening.) Conversely which coasters tend to never have a line so that skipping them early and coming back to them later is a good strategy? Thanks so much for your thoughts. I've read the last 20-30 pages of this thread and we're pretty excited. I haven't been to Jackson NJ since 1998 or so. (For the curious, Monday is at Hersheypark, and Tuesday at Knoebel's.)
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