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  1. I have yet to go to Great America and witness low crowds no matter the day of the week. I've had friends that have lucked out a few days this summer, but unfortunately I haven't.
  2. Wow, that is amazing!!!! Truly as it's not easily done usually! Sadly, yes. Had our first trip to Cedar Point last summer and loved it, longest wait time was maybe 40 minutes. A wait of 40 minutes in the summer at SFGAM is unheard of in the summer (at least when I've gone).
  3. I would think Thursday without a flash pass might be your best bet. Some schools might still be in session or graduations might still be going on. A platinum flash pass on a Saturday in July/August is the best way to go unless you want to go on a total of 3-4 rides. I've gone almost every day during the week in June/July/August - - almost each visit was crazy busy except for early June. We got the gold flash pass one time and still had 30-40 minute wait at times because it was so packed. I won't even attempt to go on a weekend in the summer. I'm really starting to re-think my season pass to SFGAm, the wait times are only getting worse whenever we go.
  4. I agree with above posters, unless you get a fast pass, you will most likely not be able to ride all of the bigger rides in one day. IMO Raging Bull has one of the longer lines too. When I go between June to August, I almost always end up getting a fast pass, usually Gold. The lowest lines I've seen were mid-May when my son and I went on a Friday (I let him miss school, yes, bad mom!). Many schools were there for their class trips, but I think the longest lines were 45 minutes or so. And the weather was kind of iffy, drizzly on/off most of the day so that helped as well. We had a great time. It's really a crapshoot, but if the weather is nice, prepare yourself for long lines. Although the beginning of June should definitely be better than late June through August as some schools aren't out yet til the following week. You also mentioned boarding passes, but I'm not sure what you mean as there are no boarding passes. If you get the flash pass you walk up in the dedicated flash pass line and the ride attendant scans it. Edited to add, sorry, I haven't had to use boarding passes before, I usually get the fast pass so never heard of it until now. I had my first visit to Cedar Point this summer and I think the lines were much better than at SFGAm. Maybe it's because they have more rides? I was there mid-August and while it was crazy packed, most lines weren't more than 45 minutes except for a couple of the bigger rides like Dragster and Maverick. I wasn't even tempted to get their fast pass except for the day the LeBron James Family Foundation was there. In comparison, I went to SFGAm a couple days later and most rides were 1 hr or more at minimum. And walking on the black pavement when it's hot is brutal so prepare yourself that too. I never noticed it as much until I went to CP where it's all concrete.
  5. My teenage son and I ended up going later on Saturday. I thought that we might get lucky and the crowds wouldn't be bad since it had been raining/off most of the morning, but as we pulled in around 2 pm, I realized that was stupid thinking. Tons of cars waiting to get in, we parked in the back lot all the way towards the back. Decided to splurge on platinum fast pass and waited in line for 1 hr for that. They had one register for us regular folk and two to three registers for Discover cardholders. Then we stood in line for food for an hour at Aunt Martha's. Finally started going on rides about two and a half hours later. Most lines were 2 hrs or more. I also think they definitely sold too many fast passes, as even some of the rides had lines for fast pass riders. And I wonder if they didn't sell them at all, would the lines move faster? Probably. It is just absurd that to be able to ride more than a couple rides you would need a fast pass. I don't always get one as I think they're such a ripoff, but I'm glad I did this time. Not as many scary characters walking around as I've seen in years prior either. While standing in line for 40 minutes for a mediocre pretzel around 8 pm, there was a makeup demonstration and the girl said they have over 400 characters in the park. Not sure how the haunted houses were, my son isn't a fan of them unfortunately. We were in line for V2 around 1130 or so and it got stuck on it's return to station for about 5-10 minutes. A lot of people left the line when that happened and my son didn't want to go on, as we were the next ones in line. He's ridden every ride at Great America (except V2) and Cedar Point, but for some reason V2 freaks him out. They need to hire more people for Fright Fest. It shouldn't take an hour to get popcorn or pizza. It's just ridiculous. It is pure greed? I felt bad for the workers as I know they were crazed. I wonder how Cedar Point is this time of year, if they have enough workers or is this just standard for fall seasons. Is there a capacity GA has to abide by or they just let how ever many they want in? With the amount of money I spent, I feel like Cedar Point is almost a better value that Great America. Which is sad since I'm only a little over an hour away from GA. As far as next weekend, I thought the last weekend was the worst for Fright Fest? Not sure where I heard that though.
  6. Anyone think this weekend will be crazy busy? The last time I went in October was the Sunday before Columbus Day and NEVER AGAIN. Rides were 3 hrs or more. Tomorrow it's open until midnight. But wondering if it would be less crowded on Sunday. I don't want to be tempted to get a flash pass.....
  7. Anyone else watching the webcam like me? Lots of trucks driving around. Also wanted to ask how is CP on Halloween day/weekend? I was thinking it might not be too bad as most people will be trick or treating or going to parties? Or is that a pretty crazy weekend? Debating if we should make a trip out or just stick to SFGAm.
  8. We were there on Monday and it was also packed. We got fast passes, but the rides kept getting shut down due to 'lightning in the area'. We were there maybe 6-7 hrs and I would say all rides were shut down at least 2-3 hrs total. The first time was an hour an a half at least. Without the flash pass, we probably wouldn't have been able to ride Raging Bull or X-Flight. So that takes the sting out a little. The rides were shut down a second time and after another hour of waiting we gave up and left around 515 or so. As we turned in the fast passes (along with just about everyone else it seemed), we heard a woman arguing she didn't even get to use the flash passes because of the weather, and I kind of wanted to stick around to see if they'd refund her $$ but I was just so hot and sweaty and the kids were so damn cranky. That's the very expensive chance you take unfortunately when getting a fast pass. I'm still bummed because I have yet to ride Goliath. The line was crazy even while the rides were down. I just can't wait longer than an hour when it's so hot. We had just gotten back from Cedar Point a couple days prior and I hate to say it, but I liked it there so much more.
  9. Got back a few days ago from our first trip to Cedar Point with my 13 yr old son. We had a blast and can't wait to go back!! We live a couple hours south of Six Flags Great America which is our home park I guess you could say, and we loved Cedar Point SO much more and are already trying to figure out when we can return. The waits were much better than we expected (esp in comparison to usual Great America wait times). The only one that had more than 30-45 minute wait was Maverick, which my son won a Plinko fast lane pass for thankfully since we weren't a fan of it. Our favorite rides were Dragster and Millenium. Wicked Twister was down anytime we tried to go on it, and even shut down once while we were in line. We were also there the day the guy was killed and it seemed like a few rides closed for the night right after that (Raptor, Millenium, Sky Ride), not sure if because of the weather or what happened. Many people were talking about it while in line and the most common reaction was, "why would he do that, that's stupid." Quite a few people didn't even seem to know what had happened and only found out while hearing others talking about it while waiting in line. Last Friday was our last night there and unfortunately everything shut down due to storms. I was actually surprised they ran as late as they did because there was a fair amount of lightning before that. Dragster is even more awesome at night I think. As someone who usually only reads threads here and doesn't often participate, I've got to say that I've read the articles in which the 'experts' place blame on Cedar Point for the man's death last week. And it's completely ridiculous for them to even insinuate that. They had some barricades up near the Raptor after it happened and we saw where he jumped the fence and couldn't believe be risked it. My son even was like, what a dumb thing to do, he totally went over that fence where the coaster goes so low. So my 13 yr old even knows better. All in all, we had a great trip and loved Cedar Point!
  10. Just thought I'd mention....last year we went the Sunday before Columbus Day and it was INSANE. The wait times were ridiculous, I think Raging Bull was over 3 hours. We had the gold flash pass and still had 1-1.5 hour wait times.
  11. Well, first thing to keep in mind is that they're only open the 6th and 7th, then they're closed until Fright Fest starts on the 27th. In my past experience, that last weekend of normal operation is usually pretty dead (at least compared to Fright Fest). I would expect the first weekend of Fright Fest to probably be busier, but less crowded than later in Fright Fest would be. This is good to know. For those attending in October, it is NUTS the Sunday before Columbus Day. Most rides were over 2 hour waits. I think Raging Bull was at least a 3 hour wait. We had the Gold Flash Pass and still had over 1 hour waits for most rides.
  12. Great day at Great America yesterday. Crowds were surprisingly light, my friend and I got 3 flash passes for us and our kids, it was buy one get one free so we got a great deal (because of our season passes and we had 6 people in our group I think?). Anyway, lines were no longer than 30-45 minutes for most rides which I don't mind, but with two 7 year olds we decided to splurge for once. Did not go on Goliath, although the line was only about 90 minutes surprisingly. Looks beautiful. A guy behind me for xflight was telling me he won't ever go on it because it's a wooden coaster and they aren't safe. Not too bright. My daughter enjoyed the parade and 'concert'. Only disappointment was the Raging Bull closed about 7 or so so only rode it once.
  13. How was the park when you were there, was it really crowded? I'm going Friday, there is a chance of rain so hoping people stay home
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