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  1. I agree. Holiday World is my home park and the waiting game gets... painful... but at least it pays off when they do invest in a major attraction. I doubt we’ll see any 15+ mil rollercoaster for a long time, but I definitely could see them adding a small steel coaster, even if it is just something like an S&S free spin or a bigger one like a raptor. Hey, I’d take another Chance ride like Lightning Run down the road! I wouldn’t mind lightning striking twice
  2. You can add Thunderbird to that list as well. For the money both parks spent on their B&Ms, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a clause like that
  3. With the major investments that Ed Hart poured in, especially with the three major new coasters which are all very unique for the area and world class, Herschend should and probably will use the next few years to upgrade the facilities, infrastructure, and name of the park. I feel that a lot of people, especially those not from Louisville, still don’t realize the dramatic positive changes that the park received, and I fear many still view it as the same park it used to be. Hopefully Herschend will alleviate some of that old baggage
  4. Wow, having Ross serve as interim GM is a good sign. At least from their press release, Herschend seems dedicated to making the park a better park. Even if it only operates at the same level that it was before, I’d say that’s still better than it closing down or having no money to invest. Now where’s the hyper coaster?
  5. Look at the lineups of the roller coasters and other rides at Wild Adventure vs KK, and at the population of Louisville vs the Valdosta area. That is meant as no offense to Wild Adventures, but KK is, imo, well above their level and it wouldn’t make sense for Herschend to cast away the park on the same level as Wild Adventures. In fact, I think KK is potentially a gold mine for the chain and could be a good test drive for any potential new parks they may choose to pursue in other major cities
  6. I have to be honest, my first reaction when hearing the recent rumors was excitement because I envisioned KK being run similarly as SDC and Dollywood. However, after reading on here I do understand the concerns. Ed Hart and his team saved this park and completely overhauled it into something special, but I don’t think that KK would fall to the wayside in Herschend’s lineup. It’s far enough away from their main two parks and already has pretty good bones. I’d argue it is significantly ahead of the other properties owned by Herschend and if they were to take over, it’s possible that KK becomes their third park in the chain. We’ll have to wait and see, but this could be a really good thing if it comes to fruition. Although, I honestly always imagined that Herschend would purchase Holiday World before KK because it seems like it fits more with the styles of SDC and Dollywood. One more thing: Both SDC and Dollywood have a special charm about them that represents their home’s heritage well. I feel like there is a lot they could do with KK to honor KY’s bourbon, Appalachian, and racehorse legacies. It would be interesting to see the theming opportunities in the park they choose to pursue or not to pursue.
  7. I’m happy to hear they have moved forward with many changes that will benefit the park long term. The Karens having got watch their kids is so unfortunate, isn’t it?... I’m very interested to see if Cheetah Chase will actually live up to his acclaim for it. It looks very fun so it’s possible, but with two of the best water rides in the world it’ll be tough to beat them! It’s really good that HW has invested in a large addition in the back of the water park to help draw crowd’s out more. That should help the lines across the park. I’m curious to see what’s next for them in 2021, but we gotta make it through this season first! Also, thank you for practicing social distancing and wearing a mask. I know there are many opinions out there, but it is always better to be safe than sorry, if not for yourself than for others. Keeping people healthy through social distancing policies will be tougher in rural southern Indiana, but with all that HW has implemented per your report, they’ll at least be doing their part and then some
  8. Haha yeah I did, my Mom got me to really enjoy puzzles when I was really young, so now I enjoy finding the differences in the maps each year
  9. The new park map is up! Park maps are a little passion of mine... lol. Here are the changes I could find: Across the map there is a new label called “Digital Photo Attraction Pass.” The attractions with this are: Frightful Falls Voyage Gobbler Getaway Thunderbird Cheetah Chase Wildebeest Splashin’ Safari: - People added to the Wave’s design - New Place named Muziki Bay: I cant find a description but the map shows a centerpiece of Tiki figures with water surrounding it. The area is listed under shows!!! You know what that means! Under shows, there is one named “Crank Up The Waves” and the description is “Feel the Beat of the Waves With D.J. Surge!” Is this the show that will be there? - More people added to The Bahari Wave Pool standing in front. - Cabanas surrounding Bahari Wave Pool are now purple. - The pathway going from Bakuli down Muziki Bay is noticeably thinner, and the cabanas around the lower side of Bahari River are now teal colored - The whole area on the north side of the Bahari River and Bakuli has been more defined and looks really good. Tengo Falls now has gray under it. Some cabanas have changed direction. - As expected, the biggest change is the Cheetah Chase water coaster which looks great and helps to really fill out that area of the water park. Spreading out the crowds to more areas of the water park will help congestion a lot. Holiday World: - Another major change to that map that was expected is the closure of Hyena Falls. The entire section is now in Thanksgiving colors which probably means that will be Thanksgiving in the future, but it could also just be for convenience until that area can be redeveloped. - A cart is no longer in front of Turkey Whirl - The large Firecracker label is now gone - The building by the Funnel Cake Factory is now striped - Tippecanoes’ design has been slightly updated - The cars have changed spots on the Lewis and Clark Trail - The “3 Point Shot” red border on the bottom is now gone - The direction of the bumper cars entrance stairs has switched - The beach volleyball court in the picnic area is no longer on the map - The restrooms in the front of the Christmas section now have red stripes instead of blue - Reindeer Games is now visible on the map. It had previously been covered by a number - Rudolph’s Round Up is also more visible. It had partially been covered before - The tunnel is now labeled “Rainbow Tunnel of Legend Lot” and has a rainbow design. I like it! I believe that is all. If anyone sees anything I missed, please let me know! I really enjoy that Holdiay World takes such pride in their park map and updates it all around nearly every year, going beyond just the major changes in the park. Overall, the map has a cleaner feel than before and the back area of the water park is looking very, very good. I’m excited to see it all in person again soon!
  10. I’m glad it’s finally known that the Hyena Falls complex will be no more. I have a few friends that work in operations at Holiday World, and I was told by them (keep in mind, it could be false, just what they believe) that the half-pipe was removed on request from pro slides due to a recall or something like that. I am not entirely sure if that is factual but it would make sense. Furthermore, I was told that they were removing the complex (old news now) because it didn’t fit in with the vision and they have other plans for the site. Nothing to ground breaking just thought I would share what I had been told! I think that site could be used as part of the section of Thunderbird area with some flat rides, or combined with the old PP station for a larger attraction. I suppose they could also build a new kiddie section, or, what I’ve always wanted, a Christmas Eve section with actual thrill rides and family rides, designed with immersive theming.
  11. For some reason I had thought Hyena Falls was removed? Must have been misinformation. Good point. New sensations and variety - everyone wins. I thought of that too. And it's mostly out in the open so everyone can see what it does. How cool for Holiday World to think about those little (but important) details. The halfpipe slide on Hyena Falls has been removed, leaving just the tube slides and a small kiddie splash pad. I wonder if they are very quietly trying to get rid of that area. The halfpipe slide was no doubt the most popular slide in that odd complex. One would have thought that they would add some more attractions around it to give guests another reason to go around there, but the last three additions to the water park have been in the other section, and now they removed one of the slides. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if we saw Hyena Falls completely removed or relocated. That area was supposed to be the future of the water park (and may still be) but nothing has been in added in a very long time, and it is so far by itself that it really doesn’t make sense still. Depending on how much infrastructure is water specific, I could see them removing the water rides from there and expanding a new area of the dry park (maybe the next holiday?). Who knows, but I was very shocked that this ride is not going where PP was or with Hyena Falls. I didn’t even know a ride like this could fit where they’re putting it! Haha
  12. Hey everyone! It has been a really really long time since I have posted anything on here (I was mainly active during the leadup to the Thunderbird announcement), and I think I had one post in the past few months. Anyways, I am so excited for this new teaser and I hope that it is a water ride that can go in the Pilgrim’s Plunge station. That area is fairly empty, especially with the removal of the half-pipe hyena falls slide, and a major water attraction would do well over there. However, the reason I am posting is because I have thought recently about my recent trip to the park, and there is something that I noticed. There is a lot of free space in the park that could be used for flat rides, and I do believe that holiday world could use quite a few fresh, family to thrilling rides scattered around the park. A new family to mid level thrill flat ride would be perfect in Halloween, I’m just not sure where it would go. That section hasn’t had a new ride since 2003 I think. 4th of July has plenty of space to add a new thrilling ride to couple with revolution and liberty launch, and there could be a few added on the walk to Thunderbird or in that plaza. I think with a few more in the park it would really help to add something everywhere and kinda refresh some areas. Would they ever be able to do a flat rides package with several rides? I know SF/CF parks do that sometimes but IDK about costs
  13. I cannot believe the half pipe slide of Hyena Falls is gone. I see where Paula said it was a manufacturer thing But this makes me really sad. While hyena Falls always felt out of place from SS, it was understood that it was there to help alleviate some of the guests from other areas of the water park and to start the area for future growth. It was a noticeable slide from the front of the park and stood with thunderbird and helped give a cool view along the path to it. I hope they focus on this area of the park next year and bring something new to the pilgrim’s plunge area and the hyena falls area because I’m afraid it’s just not worth the walk right now. I hate saying that because I love this park, but it seems really empty and has a completely different atmosphere from everywhere else in the park. Of course, I’m sure they have plans far into the future that will fix all of this and more, but it’s just hard to see it like this right now
  14. I wish I could be someone that made the decisions at Holiday World. I love the park so much and it would be incredible to be like park president haha. I used to be a nerd to the point where I designed a park for my hometown called Holiday World Over Princeton, and I designed flat rides and over 60 roller coasters themed to multiple holidays. I envy Matt Eckert and the Koch family for the wonderful job they have been given, and you too Paula, the brains behind the whole business
  15. I personally found the Legend painful on the last four corners at the end, but other than that I loved it. I can say though that everyone I have ever seen on the Legend from school trips or church or any others, they found it way too painful at the end. I think that if they repofile the turns at the end to where they aren't as harsh, no one in the GP would complain.
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