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  1. I noticed that lately Wonderland Pictures of construction are more tight that when Guardian was built a few years ago. We got on site images during construction of Guardian. Lately we are lucky to see distant drone footage (Which are amazing considering the work to get the footage) Has wonderland tighten up leaks recently?
  2. When i was a kid I remember going on the bleamer enzian. I did some digging around to see if i could find some images and noticed it looks alot like ThunderRun. Was this the same ride?
  3. Does wonderland waterpark have a lazy river? I always confuse them with wild water kingdom.
  4. Great thanks! That's my favorite part of the park. I feel my kids have more fun in the water area.
  5. Sorry for such a amateur question. 1. Was anything added to the Waterslide area of wonderland? 2. Are there plans for this year to add any new slides?
  6. Has anyone figured out track layout for guardian? Also if you use also include Thunderrun.
  7. Is it normal for rides not to be done for opening? Im a little surprised how incomplete the ride is.
  8. Does anyone remember the dive event that would be done off the mountain? I almost forgot about it till I saw those foot slots on the side of mountain. I don't remember the divers using them. But looking at them now scares the crap out of me. So unsafe looking.
  9. Have these pics been seen? Here is Link.... http://newsplusnotes.blogspot.ca/search/label/Canada%27s%20Wonderland
  10. Ciao! I saw a few posts back that thunderrun is still there. How can that be? The images showing the inside of the mountain clearly show its been gutted out. Can someone clarify that part?
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