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  1. I think it just spoke and said random things.. Kids try to make it talk but the past two years I haven't noticed it really interacting with anyone other than tell random stories and songs.. Its funny watching the kids yelling trying to wake it lol


    If I remember correctly it was a couple of weeks after it opened so it could've been an early thing that probably broke or didn't work out, even though it was fun when it was there, can anyone confirm this though?

  2. Another gem, today someone in my class said their was a roller-coaster in space so I asked him to show me a picture, first off he showed me this:


    I than proceeded to tell him this was space mountain and he kept denying saying he has been on space mountain and that is not on there, he than proceeded to show me another picture:




    1. How do you get from space mountain to space fantasy? (I showed him that the caption on the picture said space fantasy and other other space mountain)

    2. How would this even work in space.. (Ok, this is just dumb)


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