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  1. Apparently it's supposed to reopen October 10th now, don't get why they would close it now with the summer coming up though. Hoping this refurbishment makes this ride make a lot more sense and make it better, also I think they should add some water effects in the beginning with the village(Don't know if they already had them and just turned them off because it looks like they could've)

  2. I've been looking around to read comments from the GP about the coaster being closed and the reaction, not very happy. Some are getting told March 24th some are getting told April 8th (Thrills in The Hills). One woman even called concerning vacation plans and wondered if it would be opened by July and the parks response was that they did not know. I have faith in Dollywood but I don't want Lightning Rod to lose its shine and place in the spotlight, due to a majority of their guest peak (May-early August) not getting to ride.


    Honestly, I don't think the problems are that bad and this will open in around the next 2 weeks? Maybe even this Thursday if were lucky... I just really want to ride it!

  3. 1 - Ripsaw Falls (UOR)

    2 - Splash Mountain (MK)

    3 - Popeye and Bluto's Bilge-Rat Barges (IOA)

    4 - Jurassic Park: River Adventure (UOR)

    5 - Journey To Atlantis (Seaworld Orlando)

    6 - Daredevil Falls (Dollywood)

    7 - Shoot the Rapids (Cedar Point)

    8 - Stanley Falls Log Flume (BGT)

    9 - Congo River Rapids (BGT)

    10 - Smoky Mountain River Rampage (Dollywood)



    Least Favorite - Kali River Rapids (AK)

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