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  1. Dear TPR Forum, First of all - thank you for all the great comments and pictures we got over the last couple of days. That's exactly what we are looking forward to when we design our rides. The pictures of the ride look awesome and we hope that many more of you will have the chance to ride Helix this season. Nevertheless we have to react on the post quoted: With great disturbance we read the post of Loefet, where he complains of the operation and gives tips to avoid the proper use of the lap bars at Helix. We are very upset by this posting, as it is our intention to build the most safe amusement rides and came up with a lot of ideas how to get the feeling of more freedom for the upper body. With the seats of our Launch, MegaCoasters and now with the Inverted Powered Coaster we got a great feedback from all riders. With the lap bar comes the only safety device that the riders have to rely on. So why would you try to take this high risk? It’s for your safety to sit back and close the safety bar as far as you possibly can. Any other behavior is ignorant and stupid. One last tip: If you would like to experience even more airtime go skydiving – but even there you better check the belts of the parachute and tighten them correctly.
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