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  1. Flights to Gothenburg booked for the 16th May - can't wait! It says the park opens at 3PM on the 16th on thier website - is that right? Could someone also tell me the best way to get into the city from the airport? (GSE) Cheers!
  2. Hi there It sort of depends on how early in May, I would try to avoid the first weekend since it may be pretty crowded then (long weekend here in Sweden). Fridays and Sundays are better than Saturdays... Thanks so much for replying and with all of that information. I will hold off until the opening hours are released. Cannot wait to ride Helix (and Balder!) and spend a day or two in Gothenburg!
  3. Hi I am planning a visit to Liseberg at the beginning of May from the UK. Could some-one tell me if possible: Would a Friday or Saturday be better in terms of visitor numbers? Will Helix be open? Is there anywhere to get cheap/241 tickets? (Cereal packets are good here) Any help much appreciated!
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