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  1. Has anybody heard word about Attraction 2016 for BGT? Or seen any construction?
  2. That food looks delicious! Anyway, thanks for the update, the park is changing in so many different ways! Especially with the removal of Critter Castaways, that island looks pretty empty.
  3. The major question is will they ever make the effort to build new attractions at the destination SeaWorld parks? We should be over Blackfish by now. Honestly, just like Kony, like SuperSize Me, etc. all things die out eventually. Unfortunately, by upsetting the pot, SeaWorld is trying to defend themselves instead of focusing on their parks. For example, remember the "Rosa" incident at Six Flags? Everybody forgot about that and now they're operating normally. Unfortunately, SeaWorld has chosen not to add attractions and has not disregarded the controversy, which is probably the reason why activists think they're an easy target. Like Rob said, they're A THEME PARK, not an aquarium. They can operate normally had they chosen to focus on more desirable factors such as a Rollercoaster I will continue to support SeaWorld/Busch Gardens, but something needs to change. And Fast.
  4. It depends, year by year. Thanksgiving & Christmas crowds are moderate, from what I've seen.
  5. Adventure Island is basically the neglected stepchild of the park chain, so whatever comes, I'll take. Anyway, any news on CC theater demolition?
  6. Has anybody heard rumors about BGT's 2016 project yet? I heard they're removing the CC theater today.
  7. I know about the elephant expansion, but is the rest fanatism or confirmed?
  8. Falcons Fury is ultimately the best ride since SheiKra. What's next BGT? Lol
  9. I rode Falcon's Fury twice today and it was awesome! Also, a Rhino Rally Tribute R.I.P. (2001-2014)
  10. It's a Premier rides S:UF clone. At Busch Gardens Tampa? I highly doubt it. I know Williamsburg is receiving one, but Tampa is expecting a larger scale coaster from what I been hearing.
  11. He did not specify what the project is. He told me that they have a coaster designed for 2015. That's all I know.
  12. Where are they fitting this? I'm hearing Bird Gardens/Morrocco area.
  13. Was it the dippin' dots guy? No I've talked to Mark Rose. Don't ask me for specifics, because that's confidential. But all I know is the 2015 attraction is connected with the demolition of Critter Castaways.
  14. I've been hearing the same hypercoaster rumor ever since Falcons Fury was announced. I've gotten some hints from an inside source that the 2015 coaster has already been designed and will be announced after FF.
  15. Sorry for getting a little off topic, but I've heard rumors that the Critter Castaways theater is being demolished for a new attraction. People I've talked to on Twitter say that it's connected to the removal of Gwazi and the 2015/2016 attraction. Thoughts?
  16. Hopefully this new expansion to the habitats will help the SeaWorld parks. http://blueworldproject.seaworld.com/
  17. Hopefully we can shut them up with a few new attractions and international expansion!
  18. Second Quarter results may look scary, but SeaWorld announcement to come in the following days! (Fingers crossed) Also, SeaWorld has plans for international expansion (as well all know), but Pan-Asia, Russia, and India seem to be the ideal locations; which seem pretty odd... Any thoughts?
  19. Hopefully after Thunderbird's announcement, BGT will reveal something revolutionary. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. But a nice, long giga does the trick too....
  20. My question is why does Holiday World get the first B&M launch with wings?! I'm assuming once Thunderbird is a hit, more B&M launches will be created, but this concept is definitely unique. Who knows, we could be seeing launched B&M flyers, or even Drop Towers that extend to 500 feet! The possibilities are endless!
  21. The park shouldn't go with Intamin ever again. B&M would undoubtedly be the best option, the question now is the location, type, name, and theme. Has anything been uncovered yet?
  22. Unfortunately, the design and interest for a dueling GCI has long since bit the dust. RMC is in now. But back to 2015/2016 coaster- I would love a wing or a giga down in Florida, as long as it's Busch Gardens quality and not a S&S launch (BGW). Another idea for BGT is a Splash battle. It's fun for all ages and creates long lines.
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