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  1. Ok, so what your saying is that a large racing woodie wont work and will be a bust but a larger woodie that doesn't race will? What makes you so sure it wont work, racing/ dueling coasters are not as common as they used to be, I would think just that factor would give it some attention. I'm not calling you out or anything, I just don't know where you're getting your idea's from. Response: It is a huge waste of resources to build two small identical coasters instead of building one great coaster for the same exact price. The proposed roller coaster's design is so boring that it couldn't even survive in a huge theme park with a massive attendance. Have you even been on a dueling roller coaster. I've never cared if there was a roller coaster racing with me, and if my own roller coaster was half the size that it could have been I would be sad and not even have cared if it won the race.
  2. WAIT! I wish you good luck on this project but I know it will be a financial ruin. Bringing a coaster back to the Long Beach boardwalk is an awesome idea and it CAN be a huge success. Although this current design will not be a big success. The Long Beach boardwalk does not have enough attendance to support two wimpy nearly identical coasters. It can however support one great coaster.
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