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  1. Even without custom scenery, those buildings are actually pretty good! There isn't much to really point out other than maybe a little more diverse shapes or curves, but that might eat the park a little to much.
  2. Well after carefully picking scenery and rides in hopes the map will not be corrupted, I've finally started on the park. Currently I'm just working on the railroad outside the park as well as hide where the train ends which won't take very long. After that, I'm probably going to work on the park entrance then the park itself. SCR12.BMP (Red) Park itself (Black) Parking Lot SCR13.BMP Part of railroad track SCR14.BMP Underground section
  3. From what has been revealed so far, I don't think it would hurt to try, and I'm curious what they would do with the expansions this time around when they come out later after RCTW's release.
  4. haha yeah x) I'm not good with making buildings at all. I'm having trouble uploading screenshots, but I have made the building around the giga coaster more.... tolerable... Another thing I will admit is that the roof of the park entrance building is somewhat decent, but aside from buildings, the beginning to the park is also a bit of a cluster. I don't mind the Monorail at all, but that's quite a lot of rides to have at the entrance of the park.
  5. Well you could improve more on your buildings since they seem a bit clunky and have a lot of room for some detail although I do like your supports.
  6. I decided to drop the current park I was making. This was mostly because I had to reinstall the expansions to rct2 again, and I began to lose motivation to doing it which is a habit I have every time I try to make a park. Instead, I'm just going to make a water park in rct2. So far, I'm just trying to find ways to make certain water slide elements, more particularly half pipes and funnels since I already know a way to make toilet bowls in rct2. SCR9.BMP SCR10.BMP
  7. Ha! Good point! Here's the original RCT back of the box. Try to picture what we would all be saying today if these were the only images we saw! Back on topic, I don't have very high hopes for the franchise after rct3ds and mobile, and I'm more mixed on this. However, one thing I hope rctw does this time around as at least have more customizable scenery and/or rides. Couldn't resist
  8. Since I had nothing else to do for today, I made the parking lot and park entrance. SCR6.BMP SCR7.BMP SCR8.BMP SCR5.BMP Next I will be adding a looping bobsled coaster!
  9. Hi there! Currently I am doing a small project in RCT2; right now, the park does not have a name. I started on it over a month ago, and then I had a long pause. Now I am back to it, and now I added a corkscrew coaster to it. Originally, I tried to make a wood/steel hybrid for the park, but every time I tried to start the ride, the game crashed. Since I couldn't do much about it, I just deleted it and made Updraft. If you have any ideas for a name for the park, feel free to suggest. SCR1.BMP This is the station for Updraft; I am mostly 50/50 on it. As much as I like the roof, I think I need to do something about the base of the station since it is a bit of a clusterfuck. SCR2.BMP Updraft is the only ride in the park so far. I could change the color scheme for it, but I like it for what it is. SCR3.BMP This is the "outside" of the park. I was thinking of adding cars on the road at some point, but then I realized I did not select the car ride in scenario. Eventually, I am going the revamp the pizzeria building. SCR4.BMP This is my overall progress with the park. I am thinking of starting on the park entrance next. On the mean time, does anybody know how I could improve the railroad track "outside" the park?
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