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  1. I wonder if there's any remote chance of Alton converting the trains to lapbars in the off-season if roughness is an issue now. Very unlikely given that they've had enormous problems getting the current trains to work well as it is. I think there's more chance of them correcting the cobra roll jolt when/if they get the chance, seems like an easier fix than buying 5 more trains with lapbars. Maybe in 10 years though...when it really does become unbearable? We can only hope
  2. Clearly the purpose of the second lift hill is to allow two cars to duel on either side of the track, whatever Alton Towers say about it being unintentional. As well as that, if there had been no second lift hill, the ride capacity would have been dire unless they'd have put a block brake section in somewhere in the middle which would have been odd anyway. As to the "two separate coasters" argument; I personally don't see how it makes any difference whether the ride has a second lift hill or a launch. Both are means of generating extra momentum halfway through the ride, they just do it in different ways. There is absolutely no way they could have built it high enough to have enough momentum to get around the 14 inversions by itself via gravity (it would have had to have been 150ft+); even as it is it sometimes struggles to get around each half of the ride (and in fact stalled the other day).
  3. The projection mapping featured in the indoor queueline section, and can be seen here: Bit disappointing really given we were expecting it to feature in the ride, but it does look pretty cool in person.
  4. Our 2014 Europe trip is going to be Scandi, so it probably won't be until 2015 when we next get to the UK. 'SW8' will probably be be finished by this time 2015. So there could be another major addition for TPR to ride! Assuming they carry on with the norm and build a major coaster every two years or so. Quite possible SW8 will be a water based attraction though to replace The Flume. SW8 is scheduled for 2016, using the 3 year small-medium-large investment cycle they've been using. Still, a 2015 trip should mean that TPR will get to experience a new flat ride in Forbidden Valley (possibly a replacement for Ripsaw or The Blade). No idea what it could be but I hope it'll be something on par with a topspin. First post here by the way!
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