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  1. Good evening, any update on when West Coast Bash will/might occur? I had such a blast at my first one last year, so much so I needed a recovery day once WCB was over! We've been waiting patiently and personally I know I've been putting off other recreations but as summer comes it is becoming harder to keep the hope and sandbag vacation days.
  2. I found this website like 5-10 years ago but never became a member or been to a TPR event until now. Although, I'm a member of the forums I'm not a TPR member but I am looking forward to my first TPR trip/event. Much like some of you my family and friends think I'm crazy for traveling all the way across the country to ride roller coasters thus I'll be traveling by myself. I generally do my own thing but I wouldn't mind joining the solo rider group.
  3. So looking forward to this trip haven't been to SFMM since NFL Superbowl of 2007 or 2008. I'm hoping Lex Luthor is back running with all other rides. I really want to see what that 400ft feels and looks like. Question for the vets, any benefit to going to morning ERT vs night ERT at either park?
  4. Oh the suspense is killer I check this board everyday for an update I've never been on one of these before thus I have the following questions: 1. Does a ticket include hotel stay? 2. Does a ticket include transportation? 3. Does a ticket include food beyond what may be served at the park(s)? 4. Will this include a trip to SFMM's Water Park? 5. If a ticket does no include a hotel stay any recommended area(s) for an overnight stay? Oh yeah are we there yet?
  5. Must one register for the WCB to attend if so how can I register?
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