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  1. Does Goliath have the same lap bars as New Texas Giant? I would wager they're similar, so they're doing their best to make sure what happened with NTG doesn't happen on Goliath. Yeah it sucks capacity wise. There's ways to avoid the capacity problems, for example retractable belts and "clear/secure" lights on the side of the train so you know when they're locked, but Six Flags doesn't think about capacity, they get what's cheap. Thus bringing down quality instead of creating a pleasant safety improvement. Pretty sad if you ask me!
  2. LOL yeah, because, *surprise surprise* you obviously know more about running security at a theme park than Disney.
  3. Going to the park tomorrow and I'm guessing X2 will still be down? Such a bummer as I probably wouldn't be going if it wasn't for friends that wanna go, just stinks they won't be able to ride X2 cause IMO a trip to SFMM just ain't the same without a ride on X2!
  4. Weight (mass) has nothing to do with the rate or speed at which an object falls. Actually it does have something to do with it. I mean, in theory, if there is no sort of drag, every single object will fall with an acceleration of 9.8 m/s per second, that's what we learn at school. However, in real life where drag exists... Very true. I think sometimes its overlooked that objects will tend to fall at 9.8m/s2, but only in a vacuum will other factors like friction and weight not apply. For example in this case weight does have something to do with it, as the heavier the car and the less friction between the track and the car the easier its going to make it for the object to reach 9.8m/s2. So in this case I would say the main difference is in restraints, the weight, and most of all design, for example how the cars are attached to the track. In the First Gens all you had were free spinning wheels, with a slot that literally opened up and let the cars fall. There was literally nothing to slow down the initial "drop" and I think that's why most people when talking about Intamin 1st gens say they get more airtime than any other kind of drop. And I have to say I agree, 1st gen drops definitely do a better job of giving that natural sense of freefall. On the newer gen towers the cars feel like they have a much tighter grip on the track, not to mention contact with the magnetic track (which controls its stop) all the way from top to bottom. And even though it seems like such a slight difference I think in the end it makes a somewhat noticeable difference as most of us can agree after ridng Lex Luther that the drop is not nearly as intense.
  5. About as much common sense as thinking your doing a favor to a family you dont know by saying "thoughts and prayers." America isn't the only home of a lack of common sense, that's for sure.
  6. Living In America I'm getting used to it but it just amazes me that a ride can run near flawlessly for years on end, have thousands upon thousands of riders who have ridden safely, then you get ONE person that shouldn't have been on the ride in the firstplace be involved in an admittedly tragic accident and all of a sudden the restraints that have worked so well are no longer an adequate means of restraint? Not saying thats what is going to happen, but if it does it all just seems so knee-jerk and unnecessary.
  7. Again, if the ride DOESN'T malfunction, which in this case it didn't, the rides not going to stop no matter what safety or braking systems you have on the ride. The only way to stop a train anywhere on the track would be brakes on the train or along the entire track. Just not logical, and in this case would not saved the woman either because her restraint never moved. Just an unfortunate incident and the park will have to implement being better at denying people to ride who cannot be safely restrained.
  8. ^Ah, but that's assuming the restraint did in fact "pop open" which is pure GP speculation and I can to a certainty, assure you in this case, it did not. Restraints do not come undone. Especially hydraulic restraints which have numerous backup safety systems in place even when under extreme extreme pressure. In fact, I'd wager the steel of the restraint would snap before the hydraulic mechanism fails. The MCBR is there for blocking the trains. Unless a ride operator hit the e-stop during the trains ride around the circuit, unless a problem was detected by the rides system, which in this case the ride did not detect a problem, the train will continue through the ride and pull right into the station. Nothing is certain of course, but I would imagine this is going to be human error (ie should not have let this person ride) instead of a ride malfunction.
  9. This situation sounds eerily similar to the Perilous Plunge incident at Knotts Berry Farm where the restraint did not fail, the dimensions of the rider allowed her to slip out of the restraint when the airtime forces occured. This is what happens: lap restraints are designed to be rest against your waist. When you're sitting, your knees and waist allow your torso to create an angle where you're secure. When a person is overweight the lap restraint is not pressed against your waist, its pressed against your gut. When the forces of the ride occur your gut flails around and moves, allowing a tremendous gap between your waist and restraint where the gut once was. Hit a hill at the right time, the gut moves above the restraint, your body is no longer secure, and an airtime hill will throw you like you're not even wearing a restraint at all (because at that point you're really not).
  10. This is not the first time I have heard this from the same types of people and I agree it is absolutely great. 1. They're aware they're in America where white people live and breed...right? 2. Would love to know what would happen if I being a white person started saying racist stuff right back at them, like "Bro, there are so many hispanic as* b****es here today!" LOL
  11. I guess I just don't understand how people who run this park think it is acceptable to open an attraction like this which is obviously underplanned and unfinished. They basically took out a load of landscaped greenery and replaced it all with concrete, and called it a plaza. They then spray painted the concrete which was very Scream-esque in my opinion and its just not the direction I'd like to see from this park. The coaster itself is awesome. I like the launch, the hang time, and the backwards launch which imo is probably my favorite part of the ride. The cardboard cutouts in the tunnel with the flames is way lame. Almost any aesthetics on this ride you can tell were short budgeted. To not even have a cover over the station with the sun and high temperatures is nothing other than ridiculous. Wish they would plan better or delay the opening to finish the ride instead of cutting so many things short and not finishing. Because even the untrained eye of the GP sees this stuff, and it just doesn't give a good impression, especially considering this is the presentation of their very new attraction.
  12. Could the guy in the Yolocoaster pic have taken up anymore room in that photo? Dudes freaking huge and blocks out so much other stuff in the photo that we actually wanna see. Hope that's not the official yolocoaster media pic forever, yeesh!
  13. I've ridden it as recently as Friday, I thought it's been riding great, nice and fast. Lots of fun, that's for sure. So it seems like this is a "maintenance access" issue and not a structure or ride safety issue. From the information provided, it sounds like they want all inspection catwalks above 30 inches to have rails along them. I can't really verify if its always been this way, or if its enforced at other parks as well. I can only think of one inspection catwalk at Magic Mountain that doesn't have rails along it. And if it is a rule, it's odd that they wouldn't have added them during Space Mountains newest track installation. Anyway, unfortunately, I'm sure the news will make a bigger story of this than it really is.
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