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  1. ^^The Wildwasser 3 by showmen Löwenthal needs 60 long standard containers to transport. Trucks are only used for transport to the nearest cargo train station where 2 trains take it to the next location. In addition there are 5 trucks hauling the caravans and service-container.


    ^On larger rides like the coasters, water rides and most inversion rides you buy a ticket and then have a regular queue were the tickets are collected before getting into the ride. All flats - even some inversion rides - you buy a plastic token, then head onto the open platform as soon as the ride stops to secure a seat. This can get quite stressful at popular rides - a Break Dancer can re-start within half a minute, there're mostly loud honks signaling that the ride is full and the ride-cycle begins immediatly but ride-attendants, who also collect the tokens, shove you off the plattform. And yes, it's cash only - make sure to have enough coins and small notes. Notes over €50 are generally not accepted, many showmen look angrily at you if you pay with a €50 note. If you're a first time visitor go to the fair as soon as it opens as crowds will be lower.

    That's amazing!Thanks for the info and great pictures.

  2. ^Journey is the best dark ride Disney has ever developed, and a great use of the "Test Track" ride system--there's even some airtime during the last high-speed section. The detail in the various caverns you travel through is superb.


    Plus, it has Lava Monster.



    I think the Lava Monster is the most impressive and realistic Audio-Animotronic creature Disney has created.


    P.S. Thank you so much for the pictures.

  3. ^For the last time, there is no "World's First" element. It's a "World's First" roller coaster, meaning it's the first to have 14 inversions in a single circuit. They never truly confirmed an original element, and even if they did, it would most likely be the interlocking Batwing and Cobra Roll.

    Well in the television ad there was a scene that looked just like the washing machine element.

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