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  1. Although I do agree that the most likely cause of the injury was the child's poor decision to stand up, I still think that given the fact he underwent brain surgery and was in a coma, it is insensitive to call him stupid. Actually, I don't think it is ever nice to call someone who makes an honest mistake stupid. I understand that his mistake may lead to investigations for rides that are undoubtedly safe, but many people do things without considering the consequences, especially people who are under the age of thirteen. I think a "traumatic brain injury" is already much too grave a consequence for a mistake made before someone is a teenager. I also agree that a child who may even consider something as dangerous as standing up on a ride should not be let in an amusement park, but I think most children are not mature enough to make that decision themselves. I hope that if I had done something reckless like this at a very young age, I wouldn't have been insulted and given a lifetime of repercussions for not knowing the danger of such an act. I apologize for the lengthy post, and although I am a small minority in this debate, I do believe that my opinion is grounded.

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