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    On 11/1/2023 at 9:54 PM, coasternut said:

    I was at Knotts today and noticed (from Supreme Scream) 5 or 6 new large wooden crates in the Xcelerator work area. One train is in the station, and the second one is disassembled. Let's hope these are parts to fix the ride so it can finally open, and not just "new stuff" for the train. Possibly encouraging news I hope. So sad to be there without Monte and Xcelerator. ūü§¨


    They sent a few test cycles on Xcel today right after the park opened. 

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  2. 9 hours ago, CedarFlags said:

    I was always under the impression that the city had a HARD no rule about stuff involving the public roads.  That's why we've never seen anything try to expand west into the grassy overflow parking lot.  But maybe tunneling technology has improved to the point where it doesn't have to disrupt regular traffic on Beach?

    Thats what I always thought that the city wouldnt let them build over/under public streets just think about them closing beach down to dig that tunnel 

  3. 14 hours ago, firebird81 said:

    Why would  it take a year and a half to change over to LIMs and add new trains. That seems like a 90 day refurb at most. But they specifically used the word renovation. That leads me to believe they are doing something much more involved and Monty may have seen it's last days as a simple shuttle loop....I still think they should just turn Jaguar into an Intamin Blitz. Keep the station and theming. You can even use pretty much the same foot print for the most part.

    I think Zoom is going to get more done to it then just a new launch and trains. Other shuttle loops needed track work done to them and they didnt have the cycles on them zoom has. 

    any work at Knotts take time so no its not as you say 90 day refeb.... Zoom interacts with a lot of other rides that would need to get shut down for some of the work and you cant move/get construction stuff around if the park is open so a lot of the work is going to be done when the park isnt open.   

  4. 5 minutes ago, Mike240SX said:

    Right, but you specifically said:

    Just trying to figure out what you were referring to.

    Soap Box Racers was also an Arrow, and Windjammer was a Togo, so thus irrelevant to the conversation of "Intamins are problematic."

    for Intamins I was really talking about Perilous Plunge, and Xcel. As for rides taken away I mean coasters that started life planned for knotts that ended up bring built at other CF parks. 

  5. 1 minute ago, Mike240SX said:

    Um, just out of curiosity, which out of these four would you consider a "big" coaster?

    Wacky Soap Box Racers
    Windjammer Surf Racers

    None... But Windjammer was a nightmare for the park and then Soap Box Racers was just getting rundown and needed a lot of work to keep open in the end. and Boomerang/Corkscrew are Arrow/Vekomas. 

  6. 58 minutes ago, boldikus said:

    Is there something that directly points to B&M? Serious question. Could this maybe be a Mack or Intamin? (You can't answer with CF doesn't work with Intamin)

    Cedar Fair might work with Intamin but look at what Intamin rides Knotts had/has Xcelerator, Sky Cabin, Calico River Rapids, Perilous Plunge.... A few of them have been nothing but trouble for Knotts. I would really hope to see this happen since knotts has had a few big coasters taken away from them just like CGA just did. 

  7. 8 hours ago, ryder said:

    It was recently in the news Delta and United airlines had to cancel a ton of flights due to not having enough staff because they're all calling out due to Covid.  I can totally imagine the same thing happening for theme parks... in fact, an inside source told me that an attraction at Knott's had over half it's staff call out for Covid.

    I think all parks (and possible malls and grocery stores) are going to be finding themselves short staffed in the coming weeks.... bring your patience

    Knotts like a lot of jobs is just having an hard time getting people to work. The age group of a lot of the staff at knotts use anything to call out and not come into work. 

  8. Why do a lot of people seem to think that knotts cant move the backstage area somewhere else? the stagecoach barns are already on the other side of La Palma and they need to cross it to enter the park. I just saw a post somewhere else that knotts scrapped locomotive 41 since they haven't seen it in a few years but the seem to miss the fact that you can see it if you know where to look.  

  9. 4 hours ago, swfan1988 said:

    I know everyone (myself included) wants a B&M Giga (or a Hyper for that matter) in the west, but can I just say that not only do I think this is not happening I also kinda hope it doesn't.

    First off, I don't think this is happening. Period.

    I think this for a few different reasons. Yeah, sure maybe Knott's could squeeze it in someway, but that's what they did with Silver Bullet and look how that turned out. Do you really want Cedar Fair to just "squeeze in" a giga? Doesn't sound like a winning idea to me. Next, Knott's seems to thrive on their nostalgia and appealing to that multi-generational demographic. Yes, B&M's have wide appeal, but not that wide an appeal. Think about all of Knott's additions the last 5+ years, all of them except Hangtime, have been geared either towards a wide multi-generational demographic, has played off nostalgia for the park and its history, or some combination of both. Cedar Fair tried the whole "build big coasters and thrill rides" thing in the late 90's/early 2000's, and I think they learned that that strategy just doesn't work with this park. Lastly, I'm sure Knott's already had had problems with noise and complaints from their neighbors, and I don't think those neighbors would appreciate the "B&M roar" all that much. In addition, if a hyper was "too expensive" for CGA, then there's no way it can be any cheaper for a giga at Knott's. I'm sorry, I know we all REALY want this to happen, but I just don't see it.

    Secondly, even if this was happening I really wouldn't want it to. I think Cedar Fair did a lot of damage to the park during the early years of their ownership. Yes, GhostRider and Xcelerator look great to me, but when Cedar Fair deviated from that "heritage and history" motif that the park always seemed to had I think it took a lot out of the park and it's taken years for Cedar Fair to move to put some of it back in. I like the path they've had the last few years of refreshing and bringing back older parts of the park's history and working to continue the Knott family legacy, mixed with a sprinkle of the modern in the form of Hangtime and too a certain degree Voyage to the Iron Reef. I'd really like to see this trend continue and I'd like them to add more themed rides and doing what the farm has always done best, innovate with new ride models and theme park concepts (Corkscrew, Montezuma's Revenge, Wacky Soap Box Racers, Sky Cabin, Studio K, and Camp Snoopy, just to name a few from the park's past) tied to nostalgia focusing on heritage and history. In my mind, adding a B&M Giga just doesn't fit that mold. Yes, it would probably be great but I just don't see it being a good fit here.

    Personally, if Cedar Fair did really want to add a B&M to Knott's, I'd want them to wait till they throw in the towel on Xcelerator and then put it back there as a sorta "back drop" to the Boardwalk area using space over and around the train tracks and the Charles Schultz Theater, coupled with a new take on the Wacky Soap Box Racers. I think that combo would work good, plus I think the hyper might have the wide enough appeal that could make it work at Knott's. But even that idea is such a long shot that I think it's nothing more than a pipe dream.

    Ghostrider was the Knotts Family and not CF. If you want to believe what people are saying its location is going to be how is that going to do damage to any of what knotts is today? going over the backstage area and to the parking lot. I think putting something bigger in xcels spot would ruin the parks look more thing putting it on the other side of the park. The train tracks are a bigger headache to build around since you need a good amount of clearance due to how big the equipment is cant just add in a tunnel you need atlest 5ft on either side of the tracks and I dont know what the height clearance is needed the area is also used for cart access when the park is open.

  10. Other question: the train they were running was the Galloping Goose. I assume this is only operated during slow park days? It was super neat!


    Yes knotts only runs steam on weekends during the off season.


    Fun fact, the Galloping Goose at Knott's (#3) is the only one that has permanently left Colorado. All the others are still here in the state and the only one not original is #1. You have to appreciate Knott's is operating the goose for the reason it was built, to run service when a full size train isn't required. Case and point, slow weekdays during the off season.


    I can say this Colorado would really like to have all the knotts stuff back lol.


    you can watch this and see a lot of behind the scenes stuff with the railroad.

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