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  1. I, too, want to add my thanks for a terrific time at West Coast Bash! Also being a newbie and having this as my first TPR event I found myself very impressed with the parks, the way we were treated, the special tours and the exceptional professionalism and organization of the West Coast Bash 2015. Thank You Robb and Elissa and to all who made this possible, including the parks!!! This may have been my first trip with TPR but it certainly won't be my last. I got a chunk of Colossus, some terrific photos and memories, and met some great people. Also I promise to get off my butt and do a rooster impersonation so I can take home a wheel, dangit! Thanks again, everyone!
  2. Sitting at bar having a huge beer. Will be ordering dinner soon .
  3. And "Travel Day" begins with a cool foggy morning. I'll be missing the fog by Saturday afternoon! Will be settled in the hotel by early evening. Any TPR-ers interested in getting together for a pre-SFMM drink and dinner? Respond to this thread so we can get a head count. If there's a different gathering going on let me know so we can coordinate if desired. Looking at Happy Hour and Dinner tonight (Friday) at: Azul Tequila 25387 Wayne Mills Pl Valencia, CA 91355 Around 6:00 PM ... Look around the bar for an Asian guy wearing either a TPR T-Shirt or TPR Badge Holder
  4. SFMM sells beer? I thought they stopped when they removed Spillikin Corner. I have absolutely no idea since the last time I was at SFMM was about ... a LONG time ago! All I know is that On-Site or Off-Site, there's a cold beverage waiting with my name on it eager to be appreciated. And California Adventures has beer now, why not SFMM, eh?
  5. I would recommend it to anyone coming in from out of town who doesn't get to the park that often. Keep in mind I think we have ERT on all the "Platinum" coasters, so you could probably get away with getting a Gold one for the day. I expect the park to be fairly busy, and if you're not a local who doesn't go that often, I personally feel it's worth the investment. I'm considering getting the Gold Flash Pass but if I end up with a group that's mostly non-pass holders that could be a bummer. Percentage of people getting a Flash Pass for Saturday ... anyone willing to make a guess? Flash Pass or beer, Flash Pass or beer, Flash Pass or beer ... ?
  6. No worries. Looks like there will be lots of solo folks attending -- such as I -- so at worst we'll form our own roving gang of riders. As for breakfast on Sunday ... I'm out. I'll be driving down from SFMM that morning so a 6:30 AM start time will already be a challenge. See y'all there!
  7. Sounds like a good idea to me -- sure, count me in.
  8. WooHoo! I don't even know what that is and I'm excited!
  9. Yep -- there'll be a few of us going solo on this trip so no worries, we'll be the group of orphans. And as long as there's a place to grab a few beers during the day we'll be all set!
  10. Okay ... TPR noob here and first time going to an event. Both days. What did I just get myself into ... Looking forward to the fun.
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