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  1. I haven't posted some screens in a while as I have been busy with other stuff. I may get to play the game a bit more as I'm stuck at home; recovering from surgery.


    I heard that there was an amount of images that you needed to post, like three or so? This update was going to be just one or two images as its not a whole lot, so I'm showing off a bit of extra "small" stuff.


    Better safe than sorry.



    Allright here are a few things about the park that I have decided I'm going to do or have done.

    ~Kids area is going to be themed to 'Adventure Time' (Hopefully it can be done with no custom stuff)

    ~Stand Up is gone, it was taking up way to much space

    ~A small family spiral coaster has taken its space

    ~The big attraction in the Jungle area will be based around a mountain and would be rated as "an intense ride".


    Balloon Ride


    Jungle Area


    Overview of Jungle area

  2. Relationships have always been confusing for me, and I haven't been able to grab myself any kind of person who could be my boyfriend or girlfriend. Its really hard for me to tell the difference between a crush I have on someone for who I want to just be friends with or someone who I have a legitimate crush on.


    Relationships are just one of those things that are just confusing to me.

  3. The stand up's layout is actually based upon some of the other B&M Stand Up's, such as Vortex as Carrowinds. I just stretched it out a bit to make it take over a larger amount of land. However, I'm having second thoughts on the action of having the stand-up take up all the land that it does. I may put down a water ride instead of the stand up.


    Also, I'm glad you like the flowers :3

  4. Hell all! ^,^

    I've been a big fan of the RCT series for some time, and have played sense the beginning. I have decided to pick up the game again and just started messing around on another "project". I don't really have any goal with this project, no plans whats so ever. I just kind of build as I go along! I'm in it for the fun of it! I'm not really in-line with the realistic standards of the official coaster-company, and just kind of place down track according to what I think looks appealing!


    I have other RCT Parks as inspiration, as well as parks such as Busch Gardens, Sea World, Kings Dominion, Cedar Point, Kings Island, and Universal for inspiration.


    The park is called Rainbow Adventures, not the most crazy super-awesome name, but rainbows are pretty and I love a reason to use purple in the park! x3


    Anyways, I can could over each and every thought I had, but I really didn't have any. I don't have much more to say, so enjoy what I've made so far <3


    Welcome to the park!


    The rides name is Rainbow Comet, atm. TBD.


    Other side of the rainbow! With Puke!


    Tower and buildings, Buildings are quite boring >,>


    Jungle-ish area. Going to try to make it stand out a bit more~


    Part of a stand-up coaster (Still debating on to keep it because it takes up a ton of space!)

  5. (Not going to vote yet, because I'll vote once I get it)


    I want to do something with either Sociology, Psychology, History, or Counseling. I've always wanted to be a teacher sense I was young, however in the last few years I have wanted to become a counseling for teenagers.

  6. I know we don't do politics in here, but today's the day to cast your vote for marriage equality


    It is always such a sad thing that equality has to be fought for! It is really sad that civil rights and equality are considered politics and even need to be debated on. I however also encourage anyone to vote for the amendments for when you go to vote (if you haven't already).

  7. ^Oh, well that was me just signing up for it! I may get around to show some pretty pictures from the game some time soon on this board!


    Oh and I was going to throw some pictures along with this post, but there was somewhat of a problem :c I don't have the Wacky Worlds expansion, and this says I need it in order to play the scenario. If it is supposed to be that way, then I'll have to sign out of the contest because I don't have WW (or TT for that matter).

  8. That is rather tragic. The zoo probably has signs on the rails that says "Don't sit on them", or one would at the very least have common sense not to balance a child on the fence! I do think charges should be pressed on her under neglect of her child. Some people are complete idiots who have no sense of common sense, and with their lacking of common sense, people die.


    It is indeed very tragic, and I do hope for the best for the family of that child. I also hope the Mother learned from her mistakes and faces the proper justice for her actions.

  9. I have something to rant about.

    I have to go to the doctors to treat this infection I have (I got it from a spider bite), and the treatment is pretty much this: They will freeze the area with this spray that stings, then a bunch of needles go in. It is rather painful, but I have to endure it!

    Plus, there is a chance that if I don't get it taken care of and go through the pain of it all, that it could get to a fatal point. :I


    By the way, my biggest fear in the world - Needles. @~@


    Oh wells, we all have to go through something like this.

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