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  1. Visited the park last Monday. Gotham City looks really clean and freshly painted. The new enterprise type ride, Catwoman Whip was fun but seemed a bit slower and less exciting than I remember the Wheelie being. Very smooth and feels great on a hot day but just something missing. The other "new" ride, Poison Ivy Toxic Spin was a blast. I loved it as Shake, Rattle & Roll in the old Chevy Show building and I'm so glad it's back. Me and my 14 year old daughter just laughed the whole ride long. A true 1950's era carinival ride. As others have stated, park was practically empty and the only line
  2. Was at SFOG today and got a couple of pics of the Ninja renovation and other stuff...
  3. Went to the park last Wednesday and Mind Bender was closed when the park opened but it did open about an hour or so later. There might be some gremlins in the machinery that are being weeded out. Also the SkyScreamer was excellent. The line at 1pm was less than an hour and the staff did a great job getting people on and off quickly. Also very stable considering how high up it is and how flimsy the chains look. Really enjoyed it and the breeze on a hot day is just what the doctor ordered. The cool thing that I haven't seen anyone mention is that you can sit your stuff (hats, bags, drinks, etc.
  4. Hi all. Just wanted to update an answer to a question I asked during spring break about early entry into SFOG with the new Gold Season Pass. They let us in 30 minutes early although, like in previous years, you aren't allows past the train bridges just past the Georgia Scorcher and the Georgia Cyclone and the only ride open during that time is the Cyclone. We got to ride the Cyclone several times with one time being just me and my 2 daughters which created a "I'm super-rich and rented the whole park for myself" type moment. LOL! While I do wish they'd open up more of the park during the 30 min
  5. Appreciate it! Will be at the park tomorrow! We're shooting to arrive at 9:30am for a 10:30am opening. Figure it might take a bit of time to enter the parking area, park and make the hike to the front gate. We've been the past few spring break weeks and the crowds are usually not too bad. With the staggered spring break weeks this year it might be even better!
  6. Quick question all knowledgeable TPR forum members... I will be heading to SFOG for the 1st time this year next week and I'll be using my Gold season pass also. How early are Gold members being allowed into the park? I planned on going on Tuesday (ERT after park closing for Superman) but I might have to shift it to Wednesday (no ERT for anything Boo!). Thanks for any info you guys can provide. Six Flags site is very vague about the early park entry and other sites don't seem to know either. If no one knows, I'll call the park to try and get an answer for those folks. Thanks again in advance!
  7. My 7 year old daughter actually broke out in tears when she found out about the Wheelie. Even I was like "What???!!!" I have been riding that ride since my youth (I'm 42 now), so I've been fortunate enough to have enjoyed that ride many times. The ride seems to be running as smooth as ever though I can imagine the costs involved in keeping a 35 year old ride operational. As an earlier post stated, at least it wasn't the Mindbender! Hopefully me and the family will be able to get to the park this weekend for an hour or so to give the Wheelie one last ride. Here's a few pics I took of The Wheeli
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