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  1. The crazy part was when he said to the other guy "Have you taken your pill yet? *Heavy breathing*." I don't even know what to think about that one.
  2. Anybody know how the crowds are on Easter Sunday usually? Always thought about going on Easter but this is the first year I've had the chance. Thanks in advance.
  3. With GL it's really all relative. Some rides are easy as pie and you might get no flips maybe one, other times you can get at least 2 flips and your butt returned to you at the station and anything in between is possible. I'm sure it's majorly dependent on the weight distribution of passengers on the loaded cars, and usually the ride ops are pretty good about loading it so it provides the smoothest rides possible, but nobodies perfect as you know.
  4. The better thing to wonder is what MM definition of "top hat" isn't, you'll save your self some time man.
  5. You raise an interesting point, they said the loop will be a "record breaking 160-foot-tall (49 m) vertical loop" but they never said the beginning height, very crucial number there. To top that they still haven't released the total track length (as far as i know), which really leaves me super interested in this.
  6. ^ That's exactly what I was thinking after watching that video this morning. The other thing is even the 12 year old GP is probably going to notice that FT is missing track after the tophat especially if they've rode the Accelerator at kbf, hell anybody thats ridden any ride with a ride with a tophat element is going to wonder where the rest of the ride after the tophat is on FT. I'm just really hoping this is some sort of sick joke on us and they just decided to not put the entire ride in the video, only time will tell.
  7. Here's a better graphic illustration (Green are positive magnets, red are negative, or vice versa): [attachment=0]LIM-LSM.2.gif[/attachment] With LIMs, the timing isn't as important, the copper fins on the car will try to catch up to the traveling wave (which you can see in the animation is moving slightly faster than the car). With LSMs, the switching of the electromagnets from positive to negative must be precisely timed as the magnet on the car passes over them. Excellent graphic and explanation, but I'm still curious as to if anyone can explain why one time for me on S:EFK the train upon return to the station slowed down almost all the way and then rolled through the station and almost to the end of the track into that back area? My thought is maybe since its an LSM it might have not completely synced up on the returning brake run? Scared me a little but I figure its meant to happen. I just thought it was funny that the ride ops have to push the train back to the station by hand from there.
  8. Okay so I'm going tomorrow and with this being my first post and all I have to ask the rudimentary question we all expect, what are the crowds going to be like? In all sincerity though, I'm not really worried about the crowds I'm just wondering if anyone has any tips for a kid whiter than powdered bleach to avoid frying alive? I've always managed to avoid going in the summer months somehow.
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