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  1. If you look at the changes that have been made as far as management goes I am not in the least surprised at what is going on at sfmm the general sam was falling apart and with the 2014 plans it was time for it to go .being a former veteran employee i had my doubts about the way they ran the park but i had positive hopes as well in my recent visits Ive seen good things happening lets hope they become more clear as time goes by .
  2. GS was falling apart after the 94 quake the park stopped taking care of it sad to see it go
  3. It's the worst part of waiting in lines at Six Flags. I try to remember to bring ear plugs. I quit watching TV a long time ago. Thank god for Netflix in those long lines
  4. Honestly I agree with you on that I used to love that ride right when it first opened now it makes it hard to find a sweet seat. I will give them props on the thrill factor only if they fixed the track ever heard of sand Blasting and Powdercoat
  5. Ok im just gonna say this tim and the upper management know what they are doing and as my mom always said dont count your chickens before they have hatched
  6. I saw the same thing about 2 months ago. Now that I've seen it again from the Sky Tower, it doesn't look like much. cool ill have to sneak over there and confirm i got a few connections with the upper management thanks to my mom and sister so ill see what i can dig up
  7. I was out there mid afternoon and the park was mostly dead as you are aware school starts this week so expect mild to no crowds at the park till the end of the week I dont know if if i was seeing things but it appears the track is starting to arrive in the gravel lot if anyone can go out there and snaps some photos that will put my mind at ease dont wanna jump the gun on this lol
  8. You just have to provide yourself the cushion while appearing as though you're fully standing. It's an art. And it's very necessary on Green Lantern, where you'll spend five minutes standing on the brakes if you don't give yourself the cushion that lets you rest your feet at the end! i hate the seats on riddler total ballbuster
  9. The barrel roll looks insane i hope the supports are beefed up cause of the g forces that it will produce all and all a nice coaster
  10. i dont get it What part didn't you get? The Aquaman:The Bench joke? (I was wondering how many people would actually remember that 11 year old joke ...) But hey, the colors do match. Bench: The Ride... Some good memories there! seems too colorful for a coaster if thats what it is i got my inside sources too but they did not mention that coler scheme
  11. hey alumni i thought you might want to know thats my older sister in your profile pic in the red shirt
  12. Rode it and my hands were trembling the whole ride and about 20 minutes after i got off
  13. makeing my way out there for lex on saturday that depends how i feel by then tweeked my back walking my friends dog
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