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  1. You mean the majority of enthusiasts, right? The GP don't care as much, only enthusiasts seem to do any noticeable complaining :/ Wrong! There were a LOT of public coming off that ride complaining how much it hurt. I'll never forget the little boy coming off this ride with his dad and the mom asking how it was. The boy responded "that one hurt mommy, i didn't like it" He seemed barely tall enough to ride.
  2. I agree about Talon. It's AMAZING!!! I was blown away by it and kind of shocked it doesn't get more coverage. The Great Bear was my favorite inverted, not anymore.
  3. Went to Dorney Park yesterday for the first time. Loved the entire experience. Very clean park. Workers were VERY nice. I'm used to going to SFGA and while I like that park Dorney seemed to really care about my experience more, as a whole. Can I just say, I thought Talon was one of the best rides I've ever been on. So smooth, no head banging, and great speed. The rapids were super wet. Sometimes I ride a rapids ride and can get off with just a little sprinkle. This ride had the entire raft soaked through and through. The flume, although short, was very different and fun. Steel Force was another favorite of mine. The speed in the helix is crazy... LOVED IT!!! Stinger wasn't my favorite, got me too dizzy. Possessed was closed most of the day, didn't get to ride it. Hydra was a surprise. The loop right out of the station was amazing. My ass was totally out of the seat. Thunderhawk was also a nice surprise. I was laughing the entire time. I'm so thrilled with this park. I'm gushing.
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