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  1. ah-right no I didn't find that picture, I drew it in MS Paint lol. this is my imagining of how it might look. This one here is drawn in CAD. I used Sketchup for this. This program is what made me draw Letchworth's wave machine. Inside some of these chambers may have a bellow, I'm not sure how many of them actually have them. While some are against the water's surface directly. I have not came across an abandoned wave pool to go looking in yet. It would be interesting to see it's valve openings in the chamber. 1 interesting thing does come to mind. This mainly concerns the wave machine at Windsor. The blowers appears to be able to run without pressurising the chambers as there is another valve that is opened when in the intention to use the wave machine after their announcements usually for about 30 seconds. Once they opened this valve, the waves will come out quite strong, if you was up against the wave machine wall which was kind of permitted at Windsor. You are supposed to be away from the wall or be sitting on the ledge above the chambers, but many people ignore that rule during their announcements. If people were near the wave creating chamber and they opened that valve, it can startle a person as I remember 1 man it took him by surprise. The wave machine at Swindon appears to pressurise the chambers as soon it starts up. These valves types may have a splash guard on them so they probley appear to be covered up. CAD Drawing of the Wave Machine similar to Windsor Leisure Pool's wave machine. In process of making it. Letchworth Wave Machine look a like.
  2. Waveywonder, I am not sure about abandoned wave pools. I never tried to do urban exploring. I probley be interested in looking inside the chambers too. Certainly with Cleethorpes wave machine as I do believe it does involve a paddle. Although Cleethorpes pool have exact design as Letchworth's Leisure center pool. However looking inside the chambers at Cleethorpes pool I did see slight differences with the internal chamber pipe design. At Cleethorpes there was smaller square looking thing in the corners of the chambers about at water level. As the type of system you are thinking of, I believe that US patient will show what it looks like.
  3. I didn't realise there was more post bumped until I came across your last picture. Where did you get that from. It does sound like a butterfly valve type system. I have never been able to see inside a butterfly valve wave machine's chamber or even position a camera in there due to the rules. The holes on the wall looks like they are to do with the air control which are controlled by opening and closing of butterfly valves. Swindon appears to be like that too. I fully understand of wanting to look inside an empty wave chamber for it's valves. Unlike Letchworth's wave machine where the air pipes are in the chambers. This may also be identical at Cleethropes pool too due to it's strong similaries in design as Letchworth and must be the one I was told about that was near Skegness.
  4. Update on the Story about the happenings at the local pool relating to wave machines. I met the person who did this and asked him to give more details about his doings with the wave machine in 1980. The story about a lifeguard who swam inside the chambers and resurfacing inside the chambers to remove stuff from the chamber found it as a scary experience. Also he said he was able to remove the "Right bars". I learned from the manager the pool had bars similar to this that you were able to unscrew or pull down and then pull out. Kids back then were in to dares and happend to be doing it with the wave machine. When I recently asked the manager about that activity as it is never been seen by me and the fact how they got away with it. According to the Duty manager who carried this out he said: The lifeguards were not really aware of this happening especially removal of the bars. When the machine is not running the deep end is not roped off. When they do rope off the deep end it is usually 5 metres away from the wave machine. What I got from him is the fact there was a lot of peer pressure to swim inside of the wave machine's chambers as it was seen as being cool to do this. Many people who swam in this pool in 1980s times would of probley done this too as it was something that a lot of people did. The manager described an air pocket roughly about 25 cm (Upper Chamber area which is above water) but however air in there is not pure oxygen but a lot of chlorine gas. You can smell chlorine from exhausted air at the vent at the back when air is being circulated through the blower room as it is pressurised weather the wave machine is running or not unless it actually has cut out. The chambers has no seperate exhaust valve either so air travels in/out of the chambers via the pipes inside the chamber. I have asked the manager if he felt the pressure inside the chamber he does not recall it. He would also describe the kids used to block the gap preventing you from coming out in a while, as they probley thought it was quite funny to be doing that. However this apparantly did scare him a bit and did not feel any happier about it. Another person who did this he swam in and then back out only to find lifeguards laying down the rope to start the wave machine, that really scared this guy. Few people from the swimming club also did this and they apparantly enjoyed going inside there. 1 guy described the pipe's wearing hats this is probley where I got the name pipe's hat from. At this pool this activity is no longer possible because the bars has been replaced, the deep end is closed off when not enough lifeguards are present. You probley have more chance to be kicked out if a lifeguard caught you taking out a bar. As this is a well known thing in this pool. When I showed the manager the pics of the chambers, he was quite suprised how it looked as he thought it looked totally different.
  5. Your story reminds me of similar things that occurred at my local pool, used to have members of publics swimming inside the wave machine's chambers by unscrewing a bar and then swimming through. I believe this was in 1986 times roughly. I did actually look up this pool and I was able to see the wave machine's bars as if it has 2 set of bars. I wanted to compare it to the one in the US Patent as it looked very similar. How many chambers did this wave machine have? The 1 in the US Patent has 5 chambers 2 smaller outer chambers and 3 larger inside chambers. This is the top half of the Bars of that Wave machine in your picture This appears to be the same pool you was talking. Look underwater you see the orignal openings. I assume the bars u removed to get inside 1 of the chambers is that front bar as the chamber looks like its missing bars.
  6. These types of wave machines, I think people cannot ever get near to the holes at the back. I knew someone going to a similar pool at Siam Park and he said people are not allowed to be next to the holes. Probley health and safety issues with that type of thing. I never went in to a pool that uses this type of system. So waveywonder would be quite safe then. If you look at his 1st post. There was a video on youtube that showed this one.
  7. That is probley before my time. I take it was very graphic. I understand what you mean. The wave machine I put pictures of is a very old system (Over 30 years old). When the Pool had to be drained out I had the oppertunity to get pics of inside there as I been trying to work out this system, I have seen it run in the plantroom. This wave machine back in 1980's people used to be able to swim in there and resurface in the water. 1 person from my swimming club describe the pipes having hats on top and was willing to go back in there again. 1 of the manager of this pool did that too at young age, he described a large air pocket. When the previous lifeguard described his thing about swimming inside the chambers this kind of stuff clicked with the stories I heard at this pool of people swimming through a bar that can be unscrewed. That is no longer possible now. I can understand people being graphic with the pool drain or other pool injuries. 1 user can be quote graphic with that kind of stuff.
  8. There is something very creepy about this thread to me...I don't know if it's the old/foggy photos, the strange obsession, or maybe both. The Term Strange Obsession comes out of a brainwashed person who doesn't think outside of a societal box and these people may consider you as strange too. Each interest is considered as Unique in people who comes from many walks of life. However on this thread this seems to talk about that wave machine caisson being bad as a pool drain with strength of suction that probley makes it creepy and the injuries often talked about as result of people messing around at the pool. This is a bit late, but I wanted to note that this post didn't help to change my opinion on this thread LOL Yes you are a bit late. Social Engineering has been my latest topic recently. Just because you think this is a creepy thread because people with the so-called strange hobbies or interest does not make a person stupid/dumb or anything like that. Just because you don't approve of it does not make it so for you to go judging people on their interests. Waveywonder infact has started this thread and there are many other people who have interests with this kind of stuff. I am aware of many people having interests with the wave pool stuff including some socially acceptable people are just as curious. There is no such thing as normal in life by the way. So if you think people with interest of this kind are not normal, I think you are not normal for reading such threads that is beyond your interests. When you report people being strange and creepy, I think you are strange for allowing yourself to be socially engineered in to liking only things in a box called the social norms. That can be sex, getting drunk, party and etc. I think people are strange for being so obsessed with socially acceptable stuff and conforming to the stupid norms of being very stupid especially in name of YOLO. This includes the boy that dived infront of a wave machine chamber when it was making waves. Im sure many people like other theme park related stuff including the machines and probley want to know how they work. It is not a crime to have interests of this kind. If you think this thread is creepy, I find you very creepy.
  9. Hey all I checked on here to see if there was any more recent talks about the wave machine chambers. My local pool had to be drained due to a burst pipe so I managed to get pics of inside the wave machine's chamber. Regarding the guy above feeling the pressure inside the chamber apparantly people who used to swim in there in 1980's time through a broken bar was able to feel similar. This is a 1980's wave machine the pool opened in 1982 so it contains old features such as pipes inside the chambers. This swimming will have many stories of people swimming inside the chambers 1 guy who told me about it wanted to go in there again. The wave machine chambers this pool and one at Great Yarmouth (Marina) are designed the exactly same way This is inside the chambers I will only show the middle chamber. Top of the Pipe - These pipes connect to the blower and are present in all of the chambers the middle one will have one on both sides. These pipes are found near the 2 walls in the middle on both side. The pipes at the divide wall on right side connects to working blower valve. This side is only side makes the waves as the other side is dead and been dead for a while. Although one at Great Yarmouth is 1 year older and still works fully.
  10. There is something very creepy about this thread to me...I don't know if it's the old/foggy photos, the strange obsession, or maybe both. The Term Strange Obsession comes out of a brainwashed person who doesn't think outside of a societal box and these people may consider you as strange too. Each interest is considered as Unique in people who comes from many walks of life. However on this thread this seems to talk about that wave machine caisson being bad as a pool drain with strength of suction that probley makes it creepy and the injuries often talked about as result of people messing around at the pool.
  11. Has anyone who dealt with a wave machine system of this type. This is an old Interesting system I am trying to get its technical information for it such as blue prints. There is a Patent for a wave machine which appear to be similar only difference is location of a blower room and air is not introduced underwater unlike this machine. http://www.google.com/patents/US3629877 This pool is a 3 chamber system and its nearly 40 years old. Here is the picture of it's chambers This is the blower room behind this wave machine. This blower room is highly pressurised. Unlike Modern wave machine it doesnt have a large pipe for plenum. This picture will show the pendulum/clapper or pivot valve system Just Above the Valve appears to have a glass looking thing I have no clue what it is for but I seen similar in a beer celler These are pipes inside the Caissons from looking through the bars The Valve points to 1 of these pipes which is found in a corner of a caission. The Middle chamber has 2 pipes where the outer has 1 and they are found next to the divider wall as the valve actually sits right behind it. These pipes terminates in to the ceiling of the chamber so what is above the ceiling is not seen. This pool usually ropes the deep end off 1 when using the wave machine or 2 when there is not enough lifeguards to watch the deep end.
  12. I don't do YOLO myself. I certainly don't make a habbit of swimming down to the bars with the machine running. I find the chamber is more powerful towards the middle compared to the sides. Unless it throws water out of the swimming pool like my local one does. The water affect seems to be greater if you stood at the chamber's middle part. My local pool ropes off the machine most of the time due to health and safety with the lack of lifeguards but I have placed a camera inside the caissons before to observe what it does in the wave making one, the camera is thrown about. That Kid I saw diving in front of the Chamber was probley doing YOLO as I was sitting next to him as this pool allowed people to sit on ledge above the wave machine when it is running. I probley would of freaked out if I saw him get injured by the machine. Force of the water is best not played around with a simple mistake can put a person in hospital.
  13. I done the same thing as you, thats how I learned about them. Grab the Bars tightly keep arms streight and no problems. Even my camera has survived the cassions.
  14. drwpweb, there are plenty of wave machine videos on youtube and dailymotion.com. I have been in to the plant room for Windsor, Letchworth and Swindon. Letchworth was filmed unattended because it's vintage system it uses and the blower room is pressurised. Swindon I managed to film when the machine started up. My previous wave machine videos were on youtube till I deleted my youtube account in anger over lot of issues that was not related to the wave machine. My wave machine plantroom videos are on dailymotion.com I have felt the tempory suction of returning water which is very breifly till it pushes out the water you can get away from the machine's bars. Letchworth pool actually ropes it off but it being making a fountain and hoping to film it doing that again 1 time.
  15. As I happend to come across this page again, As for getting near to the pneumatic wave machine's chambers while it is running. I have spotted a kid doing little dives off the wave machine's ledge in front of the chambers making the waves. He managed not get injured as result of his behaviour in the swimming pool as he did go under head 1st in front of the powerful chamber. I thought doing that is qutie stupid in sense. This pool doesnt mind people being near to the wave machine while it is running.
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