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  1. To be fair, if you think that getting one solid E-Ticket...the first REAL centerpiece attraction in almost 20 years is really "bragging rights" - then go for it, brag all you want. I'm going to go on a rant here - It really irks me to no end to watch all the Californians brag and be all "OMFG WE ARE SOOOOO AWESOME" whenever a new ride gets built at the Disneyland Resort. Here's the reality check - there are LOTS of great rides built at many different Disney parks. And, guess what? The best ones are located at Tokyo Disney. You don't hear the Japanese, French, or even Floridians constantly shoving their awesome rides in other peoples faces, and it's obnoxious as hell when the Californians do it. And yes, Radiator Springs Racers DOES look really, really, really awesome...and I really want to get out and ride it. But I'll be honest, it's the attitude of many Disneyland fan boys being so obnoxious that makes me NOT want to come ride it. The last thing I want to do when I go visit a park, that I actually am choosing to spend lots of money to visit, is have annoying people tell me how awesome it is, and how much better it is, and how "our park has this" and "our park has that" and "our park is so much better", blah, blah, fu*king, blah.... Honestly, I don't want to hear it, and it makes me like the park a LOT less because of it. People ask me all the time "Robb, why do you hate the Disneyland resort?" Well, I don't. I actually really like it. I *hate* the fanboys who happen to frequent it and have to remind you how amazing it is. As though they are trying to over compensate for small male reproductive organs or something. Just stop, ok? No one wants to hear it!!! And here's another reality check - there is really no need to continue telling people how awesome the ride is, as though no awesome ride has ever been built before... Because I got two words for you.... LAVA. FU*KING. MONSTER. Yeah, so there. /end rant. --Robb "Sorry, I just really hate the 'we are better than you' attitude of many Californians sometimes...I just had to say something." Alvey That's dissapointing, i've been to Disneyland many times and never had a fanboy come up to me and try to shove that their home park is better than other parks in my face. I also enjoyed Radiator Springs Racers more than Journey to the Center of the Earth, both are extremely well themed but I love the movie cars and whenever I drive out in Utah or Arizona I would always think to myself how awesome of a setting it was for a drive, so riding RSR was a very "Red Barchetta" moment for me. I do agree that Disneyland fans can be strange, but so are many WDW, TDLR, Cedar Point, Holiday World, and most other parks out there. Theres no reason to raise your blood pressure off of something silly like theme park fans... To each his own, it's entirely our opinion which ones we like better, but I think by saying that your words for everybody is LAVA F*CKING MONSTER it really doesn't mean anything to me.
  2. Do you guys know how many people go to Disney and don't go on the thrill rides? Or they go on the big rides, but not if they are too fast like Rockin Rollercoaster/California Screamin etc. That is a HUGE percentage of people. RSR is made for everybody to go on, including kids and old people. Also I don't think people realize that Test Track has a long history of a myraid of problems relating to the cars getting the **** beaten out of them because of the high speeds which causes millions of dollars more in maintenance costs. My point being this topic has become a typical "look out for my own interests" discussion and not realize the diversity in Disney's business demographics. You know who spends a lot more money than you do? People who are there on vacation with their kids/grandkids. We got someone a few posts back saying that this ride was a waste of money. I want this guy to prove it, c'mon mr. keeper of the balance sheet where are the #'s?
  3. You know what's not relevant? Lettered tickets. In case you have been under a rock for the past 30 years, the park is pay-one-price these days, and I don't think Disneyland or 99% of the people visiting the park think about that. Can't you guys just enjoy the rides and not argue about what kind of ticket you wouldve needed to ride it 30+ years ago? I'd say wait till next year, when the projected attendance reports for this year come out, but clearly you know it all so that isn't necessary?
  4. Its very possible they may purposely be trying to sell less premium APs. Really if you think about it, the whole point of a premium AP is no blackout dates. If they all show up during holiday times, what are they going to tell the people who are staying in their hotels if both parks hit capacity? They need a way to make sure APs don't pack the place during peak vacation times.
  5. You are truly insane if you honestly believe that $500 last year is now $650 this year. This isn't Greece. Read the post above yours How much are Dodgers season tickets? That gets you 80 games, or you can buy a partial package that is significantly less expensive where you get less games. Everyone keeps making a big deal about the premium APs. The point I was trying to make before is that of Disneyland's 20+ million guests per year, how many of them do you think are premium AP holders? Theres no way in hell I would pay $500, let alone $650, for an AP to Disneyland. That doesnt mean that I still don't go and enjoy the park. The fact is Disneyland's attendance keeps going up every year even with the price increase, and even if they take a hit in AP sales go down the place will still be slammed. I mean really, in a few years Disneylands gate price will be $100 for a 1 day ticket, and the price to see 1 show on Broadway has already surpassed that for a 2 hour show. With DLR in specific they have millions of AP holders and the parks together only hold, what, 60000 people? They don't need more annual passholders, this is Disney in 2012, they want vacationers.
  6. I was going more along the lines of a regular ticket. I didn't think most people actually would spend $500 on an annual pass to Disneyland unless they were super-rich to the point it didn't matter. It seems the California resident deals are much more popular.
  7. Am I the only one that thinks Green Lantern is a better ride when it doesn't flip? The flipping almost gave me an aneurysm, the people in the car behind us got stacked in the brake run for like 30 seconds upside down before finally turning right-side up. We legitimately thought they were stuck upside down.
  8. I heard the White Sox are doing $1 admission for anyone that brings in a disco record. It's a radio show no one cares about though, so everything will be fine...whats the worst that can possibly happen?
  9. WOW Are you kidding me? News that there is a free day at SFGAm is going to spread like wildfire, and when it does you can expect a disaster of epic proportions. SFGAm services a metropolis of 4+ MILLION people! If a small radio station can close down SFOG in the morning and cause huge traffic jams all the way to downtown Atlanta like the one time they did a free day there, it sure can do the same at SFGAm.
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