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  1. HI just downloaded the CoasterSims pack of objects and I want to know how do you edit the size of objects?
  2. Back again with transformation of the characters on their Facebook post, taken from another Facebook users comment.
  3. Someone posted this on their Facebook page and thought I'd bring it over here. In the message Cedar Point posted it said, "Disaster Transport & Space Spiral will be dismantled this season to make space for @!!$!(*%%." This was posted as a response to the character slang. ‎@ = 2 = B ! = 1 = A !$ = 14 = N !( = 19 = S * = 8 = H % = 5 = E % = 5 = E Could they be going after this name again?
  4. Found this gem in Six Flags' facebook page about SFGAM's Frisbee, Revolution.
  5. How should the crowds be like next Monday? I've only got about 7 hours to hit everything.
  6. The "SAVE THE [insert Disaster Transport/Space Spiral]" Facebook pages have began popping up already ... www.facebook.com/pages/Keep-space-spiral-at-cedar-point/392407010794808 www.facebook.com/pages/Save-Disaster-Transport-and-Space-Spiral-at-Cedar-Point/359497527438035
  7. I'll be at Kennywood on Monday June 25 and I just have a few questions. We're attempting to get there around opening and stay for around 7-8 hours. - Crowds? - What rides to hit first? - Best place to eat? - Flash Pass type item? - I heard there might be Giant Eagle discounts in the area/discounts in general? Any answers would help greatly!
  8. I'll be at the point this weekend so I'll definitely be looking for construction signs while there
  9. I just got off the phone with Cedar Point's office about fast pass details. Here's what the website doesn't state about the passes: - You get unlimited rides on the specified rides, not 20 rides and your pass is useless - You'll take a separate entrance to the station platform where you'll wait with other fast passers - Once at the station, fast passers get first choice on seats, any row they want. First come first serve on rows - There will be no wait on the rides other than with whoever else bought fast passes Hope this helps with anyone who had other questions about the passes!
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