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  1. With the area getting a makeover to go with Full Throttle, I'm curious as to what will go where Metros station was located. Maybe the Slingshot?
  2. Full Throttle looks awesome!! I hope Sfmm looks into a new train for revolution like Hershey did for Superdooperlooper. It had so much potential.
  3. If "Full Throttle" extends all the way to whistles top park, please relocate the Water play area.
  4. I can just imagine on El Toro, getting ready to go down the first drop and all of a sudden...
  5. Cool, so how long until the world's largest Dippin' Dot's stand is built? I mean, that's what they're building, right? Please note the sarcasm. Right after the BIG,BIGGER, AND BIGGEST is built at Six Flags Great Adventure!!
  6. It even makes me wonder why they've left it dead like that for so long. It's been what, like 5 years that that section of the park has been quarantined off from the rest of everything? Either they have something major in the works for that area, or they just don't have the capital to reignite the flame for movie town/old country. Why leave such a high trafficked area blocked off? It hurts the flow of traffic, and is a complete eye-sore. It's not even like that area is in a back corner of the park. If it was opened again it would see a lot people. I think it's safe to say that everyone agrees this section is Way overdue for a makeover. Its sad to know the old musik express ride was stripped of its cars and the buildings Are rotting away, good old Shapiro era. Over on gadv.com there saying a flat package might come with entertainment along the safari and a new slide for the waterpark. I really hope all is true that alone would dramatically improve the park.
  7. When I went on back in June I was expecting a rough ride but it was better then what I expected at least compared to rotting lumber...err I mean rolling thunder.
  8. I couldn't agree about movietown, that whole entire section is a ghost town. Its a ideal location for a new coaster, drop tower and some flats. Preferably flats.
  9. Using one out of two stations seems to be a six flags thing. Even Kingda Ka was modified to run 3 trains with one station while the other one just sits there. Only positive with KK is that they modified an extra block which helped the rides Rph. Unfortunately i dont think the flyers with dual loading stations were designed with an extra brake room to run all the trains with one station. Just curious but do they use one station during fright fest as well?
  10. Sorry about the scream Reference. I wasn't implying they should remove it. It's something I could see six flags doing to profit the company. Anyway this new coaster should be awesome.
  11. I would hope on Magic Mountain's behalf it would be a full sized version of S:UF, with 5 cars per train and 2-3 trains with multiple launches acting as a block. Maybe the tunnel will launch it up around 200 ft with a barrol roll on top and dip down into the log jammer area with some big turnarounds and a few inversions to throw into the mix. I wouldn't be one bit suprised if they get this coaster with the cost of loosing scream because cedar point lost two coasters while gaining only one which would leave them to have 16.
  12. What would Great Adventures safari have to do with us getting a giga? Besides, if we were getting a giga the park would have to get a permit and they are yet to apply for one. Don't expect anything over 125 feet. The amount of money corporate would be spending on the parks in one year.
  13. I wanna put my money on a Sky Screamer XL for Texas. Maybe they'll combine the kids areas into a Bugs Bunny World? The park doesn't have any Looney Tunes themed areas since the Go Karts replaced the previous kids area.
  14. Good point, I guess well have to see then. I would be shocked if they got a giga too especially with Sfmm's new coaster and the safari makeover going in next year.
  15. That looks almost like a Giga towering over American Eagle. Sky Rush XXL anyone?
  16. I think this will be for the animals best. With employees guiding you they will have control an supervision as to what people do and avoid situations like feeding animals batteries. This could also be an insurance move as well like some people have mentioned. I'm excited!
  17. The bumper cars are officially open and They go pretty fast too. Hopefully they are fast because most Bumper Cars are very slow and boring. If you haven't been on the one's at Knoebles you need to try them. Heading to the park on September 14th for Gay Day and can't wait! I haven't been on Sky Screamer yet, so I'm excited to check that out and El Toro night rides till 12am The park is open till 12!? Then I have to plan a trip. Nothing better then a gay day with night rides on coasters! And Kingda ka is really fun the first time you go, it's gotten quite rough but after the incredible launch the rest is pretty much just speeding through the course with a small pause on top. You don't feel the drop because your going so fast.
  18. I went on scream in June and Bizarro (nj) a few days ago and I really think they should just paint screams supports white and track red and call it Great American Scream Machine.
  19. LOL...I'm thinking if it's as dull as people say, it'll be a nice crowd absorber, allowing the rest of us to enjoy the big 3, Millie, Mav and TTD. I did buy the Fast Passes this year for my son and I's annual trip. Will never go again without purchasing them. We got in 5 rides on Mav, Millie, TTD, and seven on Raptor. We could have easily doubled that, but he can't handle riding those more just yet. But it was so nice not to have to rush around the park. I love Cedar Fair's Fast Pass Program it's more like a exit pass to think about it, when i went to Knots I completed the whole park 3 times with that thing! It's worth every penny and much better then the flash pass program where silver is 100$ and plus. Having a fast pass at cedar point is practically having the park to yourself as far as getting rides in goes. I hope they keep it the way it is.
  20. I definitely have to get out to Cedar Point next year! Fast Pass is definitely a must especially with how long lines for this ride will get!
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