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  1. Kuth Ranieri Architects transforms an abandoned roller coaster into an aviary in China




    Some might say adaptive reuse is for the birds—in which case, San Francisco–based Kuth Ranieri Architects might happen to agree.


    The office is currently working on an unexpected adaptive-reuse project in Suzhou, China—just outside Shanghai—with fellow Bay Area landscape architects TLS Landscape Architecture, with the aim of repurposing an aged amusement park at the foot of the iconic Lion Mountain into a central green for a new, technology-focused residential hub.



    Shishan Park site plan. (Courtesy Kuth Ranieri Architects)


    For the Shishan Park project, TLS has designed a district-wide master plan focused on a new circular promenade surrounding the old central lake that once anchored the forgotten fun park. The development is carved into ten subdistricts, each anchored by iconic pavilions—also designed by Kuth Ranieri—and recreational spaces “capitalizing on the site’s natural and man-made lakes as well as the mountain’s historic significance and beauty,” according to the architects. Overall, TLS’s designs highlight 18 “poetic scenes” that visually connect occupants to the existing lake, nature zones, and views of the five distinct mountaintops that can be seen from the site.




    View of the aviary at the foot of Lion Mountain. (Courtesy Kuth Ranieri Architects)


    At the heart of the new urban area is the disused amusement park and its original metallic roller coaster, which Kuth Ranieri plans to convert into a new, 160,000-square-foot visual and functional center for the 182-acre development. Utilizing stainless steel mesh netting to create the outermost enclosure and wooden decking and steel platforms for new occupiable promenades, Kuth Ranieri reenvisions the dilapidated roller coaster as a superscaled aviary. The plan includes a circuitous “infinity walk” that takes occupants up and through the reused roller-coaster structure to perches above the treetops furnished with viewing platforms and an expansive sky deck.




    Kuth Ranieri plans to convert an old roller coaster outside of Shanghai into an aviary and nature center by adding new elevated walkways and stainless steel mesh netting to create enclosed viewing areas with broad vistas over the landscape. (Courtesy Kuth Ranieri Architects)


    The complex can be entered from any one of three access points framed by glass-wrapped concrete parabolic arches that extend into the aviary as covered walkways. Within, the complex will also contain a ten-story circulation tower that can bring visitors up to the highest observation levels. Here, a wide staircase containing landings generous enough to host public programming will wrap the elevator core. The complex will also include a green roof–topped animal care facility.


    The metallic enclosure surrounding the aviary is inspired by traditional Chinese ink paintings and, more specifically, by representations of Lion Mountain in such artworks. The cascading, rounded geometries of the canopy are designed to evoke “a feeling of layered misty mountains,” according to Kuth Ranieri.




    Ground plan showing the converted roller coaster’s programmatic elements. (Courtesy Kuth Ranieri Architects)


    The project is scheduled for completion in 2020.

  2. Day 9: Sunday, May 27: Drive 2 hours to Waldameer, check that out for a few hours. Then Conneaut for a few hours. Then make my way back to MD. Option to extend trip into Monday (Memorial Day) if we’re tired.


    Doing that all in one day sounds a bit much in my opinion. You'd be doing 8 hours of driving on top of 2 parks which I personally would not want to do. I'd suggest just pushing the drive back to Maryland to the next day and taking your time at the parks.

  3. And they're closed again...



    The Hopi Hari amusement park in Vinhedo, in the interior of São Paulo, is expected to close for at least a month.


    Last Sunday (14), officials were advised that they would receive paid leave for 30 days.


    The company said that anyone who has already purchased tickets can request a refund or change the "passport" for a new one, with a validity deadline of December 31.


    The store announced on Friday (12) that it would make a "break" in its activities, without predicting when it would work again. This weekend, visitors who bought tickets faced the gates closed .


    Hopi Hari's debts total more than R $ 400 million ($130 Million USD). Among the creditors are the BNDES, the Vinhedo City Hall and CPFL Energia, which cut the light of the park on April 10 - on the following weekends, the place worked with a generator.


    The park filed a petition for judicial recovery in August 2016, which has not yet been approved. The new owner, José Luiz Abdalla, acquired the shareholding control of the company in December 2016, with the promise of building a hotel complex with 1,200 apartments and an on-site convention center.


    According to the recovery process in the Vinhedo region, the company owes more than R $ 8 million ($2.5 Million USD) in labor claims. In January last year, park officials protested against the delay in wages.




  4. I wish CF would buy Wild Waves already. The park has so much potential.


    The park has a 75t Height Limit, Is on 70 acres, and according to Six Flags 2006 Reports- Has less than 5 million people within 100 miles. Where's the Potential?


    100 miles? What an arbitrary distance. Within 170 miles you hit both Portland and Vancouver. That's another 5 million.



    It's still a small park with a low height limit


    170 miles is a lot more than 100 miles. It's also over 3 hours away from Vancouver and almost 3 from Portland - which is out of day-trip range imo. It's too far out to be in market for wild waves.

  5. I remember reading (after the fact of course) that Ultra Twister was going to be sent from the shuttered Six Flags Astroworld to Six Flags America, but it had been damaged in transit and ended up in the boneyard for a couple of years.


    1. Where in SFA would it have been re built?

    2. Whatever became of the ride?


    1. No clue

    2. This site has it being scrapped, but no sources. This seems like the most likely scenario, I doubt it had much value other than scrap metal. There are a few other posts on here saying it was scrapped also. It's also not on the google satellite view of the park, which was taken at some point after apocalypse was built, so I think it's safe to assume that it's gone.

  6. Odd choice if all of Movietown is converting, considering it has 2 Batman rides, a Batman themed stunt arena and our Superman themed coaster is in a totally different area of the park. Hopefully if this is the case they at least put halfway decent effort in the theming.



    You also have Bizarro, Harley Quinn, Green Lantern, and Joker in other areas.


    Soon the park will be Six Flags Gotham Adventure

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