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  1. BG is now offering behind the scenes tours of Verbolten! I'm going to have to do this! http://seaworldparks.com/en/buschgardens-williamsburg/Attractions/Exclusive-Park-Experiences/Verbolten-Insider-Tour
  2. I've actually been surprised by the lack of downtime on Verbolten. With all that's involved with that ride there are infinite points of failure, but it opened on schedule and hasn't really been down all that much for your average new ride. I've been able to take multiple rides every time i've been to the park since it opened.
  3. ^ Then you could consider the nauseousness a feature rather than a bug!
  4. ^ Man, now i wish i'd seen it. Sounds like it might have caused me to have more respect for Europe in the Air... Nahhhhh.
  5. You've obviously never ridden King Arthur's Challenge, which used to be where Europe in the Air is now. One of the single cheapest-looking pre-show videos ever for the worst simulator ride ever. Correct, never have... I've only been there for EItA, Corkscrew Hill, and Questor. I don't even remember seeing King Arthur's Challenge there.
  6. It is terribly annoying, nothing but "Fahrt" jokes and incessant repetition of the phrase "die black forest ist VERBOTEN!" It's probably the stupidest pre-ride show i've ever seen. It hurts me more so because i studied German in college and can tell how ridiculous a lot of what she's saying would sound to a native German.
  7. ^ I must be in bizzaro world! I find that Dominator and Diamondback are 2 of the smoothest rides i've been on, while Alp shakes me like Eddie Money!
  8. Anyone have any inside info on the recent Verbolten downtime? They announced on FB that it would be closed Monday and Tues, and a friend of mine tried to go ride yesterday and said it was down for most of the day.
  9. It's not usually painful... that one time though my head really came off the rest from the dip and instantly got shot back into it hard.
  10. To my knowledge only the lights on the blue train are operating currently. They also only run when the train is outside of the event building. Much of the ride is in near-complete darkness, they really only want you to see what they let you see in the building. That happened to me recently, I deduced that it was due to sitting in the 6th car. In that seat the dip of the train coming out of the event building will make your head pop off of the headrest (unless you're making a conscious effort to keep it held back) an instant before the front of the train hits the launch causing it to whip sharply back against the headrest. It's quite painful, avoid car 6 or be prepared for it. Of course if you're in any seat and have your head sufficiently away from the headrest at the launch you'll probably get bonked just as bad.
  11. ^^^^ Is there a way for them to verify your age without an ID for beer purchases or that you have a season pass for the discount? Cool idea, much easier way to pay for things. May still have to carry a wallet, or something... albeit considerably lighter.
  12. Looks like coasterforce on YouTube has posted a pov for each of the 3 themes. They also use the cam or look around at the effects. You may not be able to ride today but you can ride virtually.
  13. One thing I notice on all of the POV videos is that they miss the best effects in the show building. There's so much cool stuff in there that you have to look around to see. That forrest reveal after the brake run out of the helix is so impressive but nobody's caught it on a POV.
  14. I didn't picture Gunter as fat, but i did think he'd look more like a german version of Doc Brown from BTTF.
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