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  1. Heres how I count.

    1.Racing coasters normally only count as 1.(DD counts as 2)

    2.Powered coasters don't count.

    3.Fair coasters only count once!

    4.Alpine slides arn't credits!!

    5.Water coasters are credits no matter how much water section there is!

    6.S TE is a coaster!

    7.Flashback doesn't count because it doesn't operate!

    8. Its not a new credit is they rebuild it!

    Thats how I count!

  2. I rode Kong for the first time this summer and the 1st time I rode, It was almost smooth :shock:, but then I rode a second time and then it just beat me up. I think the Red train on Kong runs better than the yellow one. Boomerang at SFMW was SMOOTH when I rode, Did I get lucky or is it always smooth?

    Kevin"Kongs NOTHING to Flashback though! "Bujold

  3. For Knotts get to Ghostrider first, then head for Silver Bullet and go towards the back of the park where Riptide is and work your way back to Ghostrider. For SFMM, the Roaring Rapids areas closed so you have to walk past Bugs Bunny World, Goliath, Riddlers and Jet Stream to get to DejaVu from Viper when it used to be just walk through Roaring Rapids. The park is not crowded in the back by Batman, Goliath and Scream from 5 to 6. For Disneyland get there before the park opens and SPRINT to get a Space Mtn fastpass.

    Kevin"Dosen't even have 50 credits yet "Bujold

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