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  1. Is yours from the Facebook event?

    No. But what I find funny is how it appears that the dress code is inconsistent between the various events. I don't know who determines what is appropriate, but it should apply equally regardless of which group is attending.


    I have a couple of West Coast Bash shirts that would be great to wear---in fact, I just might go ahead and wear my Tatsu one or the X2 one. Both have logos from SFMM rides, so they should be appropriate in my opinion.



  2. If they do get the Rocky Mountain treatment, it's funny because they just I-beamed most of the track. I would think that if they were doing the Rocky Mountain, they'd do a reprofile of the ride and restore some of the more extreme elements that made Colossus famous in the first place.


    Just a guess on my part, though.



  3. So you’re ready to take on 415 feet of coaster at 100mph…BACKWARDS?? Great!! We’re happy to have you join us! The SUPERMAN: Escape from Krypton media event will take place on Wednesday, March 16th. If you are unable to join us, please email us back so we can select someone else to take your place.

    Does that look like yours?

    Nope, not at all.


    This is going to be interesting.



  4. For some reason, I seem to remember the gas station selling Union 76, but could be wrong. That was a '70s idea, inspired by the energy crunch of the day. Gas prices then were heading toward the then unheard price of...drum roll, please...ONE...DOLLAR...PER...GALLON!!!


    I don't remember the gas station being open very long, and I'm not sure why it's even still there unless they plan to reactivate it. But tearing it out would require removing the old tanks along with the building, which would cost some money. Sort of like Metro's track---it ain't hurting anything being there unused, so leave it be.


    They were capable of a lot more, though. One spring day when the park was closed to guests, and pretty much all the high ranking management was in downtown LA being told the park was being bought by Six Flags, a buddy who was a mechanic on CGP filled the gas tanks on a couple of cars, fired them up, disconnected the governor on the engine, and let us race them a couple of laps around the park...they could barely get up the back hill by Gold Rush, and since the park was closed, the gates on the front side were open, so we were doing probably 50 or 60 at the bottom of the hill...it was pretty fun.

    I wish I could have watched that!



  5. One thing I remember about the Galaxy---it was an original park attraction, but I don't think I ever got to ride it until about 1973 or 1974 because every time I went, it was down for some reason. (Now I know it probably snapped a gear! )


    Another ride I miss is the Chevron Grand Prix. To me, that's almost a theme park requirement. But these days with the cost of fuel and maintenance, I can see why some parks are replacing them with electric vehicles or taking them out altogether. It still amazes me that Disneyland's Autopia (the same type of ride) is still going strong.


    How many of you know what the Tumble Drum was or remember Teen Tank and what it was?



  6. ^ I just got back from having lunch with Diana at our local Johnny Rocket's. While eating, we observed the number of, um, rather large people there and got into a discussion about amount of food vs. activity. If a person is some sort of athlete, then eating a large amount of food is OK because it will be burned off. Unfortunately, most people aren't that active.


    Some years back, I was at McDonald's and got an extra order of super-sized fries for some reason. I told the girl and she just said, "Don't worry about it." Had I returned them, they'd have just been thrown away, so I kept them and---not wanting to waste food---went ahead ate it all.


    Once you learn to enjoy a little, you learn that a little can go a long way. Suck on a single M&M instead of wolfing down half a pack. Eat more slowly and really enjoy the taste and texture of food---you'll get full faster and not eat any more. Make two meals out of a regular restaurant meal because they tend to be large in the first place. Then you have another meal for later or the next day.



  7. ^^ LOL!!!


    Yesterday I had 20 Chicken McNuggets, fries, and a McFlurry.

    Wait, is that bad?

    That's pretty...extreme. Next time you do that, you might want to read the nutrition information. Sometimes I eat a 10-piece order of McNuggets, but with a Diet Coke and nothing else.


    Take a look here. You can see for yourself what you ate. Just for fun, I took a quick look and based on what you claimed you ate, you were pushing 1500 calories.



  8. ^ While I won't be there, I have to agree with that. The new pre-show is...[whispers] not very good.


    Just a note about skyrides, I think Eagle's Flight was made by Intamin, as were many of the original attractions (the old Galaxy double Ferris wheel, Orient Express, and I think possibly even Sky Tower, but I'm not sure). So in a sense, getting the Intamin ZacSpin is like the park returning to its roots.



  9. Thanks Eric for describing the layout - I bet it was a fun ride, even if you didn't have to create more excitement within the cars It's unfortunate that skyway rides are a thing of the past - at least here in So Cal. (I know the zoo and Sea World SD have them, but it'd be nice to ride one where you go for other rides, compared to going to a place that revolves around animals.) Does that make sense?


    It must have been a pretty good fall to the midway for a fatality to occur.

    First, it's always my pleasure to share details of SFMM. I first went there in 1971 just after turning 12, and have been back each and every year since. I never worked at the park, but you do pick up little tidbits of knowledge along the way if you keep your eyes open.


    I'm sure I've mentioned it somewhere here, but one time while riding Eagle's Flight along the north/south route, we happened to ride with a park official who was on his way back to the office and caught an Eagle's Flight car to get back down. While some 100 feet up, somewhere above what is now the Golden Bear Theater (then "Showcase Theatre"), we asked about what the park had planned for the future. Of course he couldn't be specific, but did say that "plans were to expand the park to the point to where the Sky Tower would eventually be in the center."


    We know, of course, that SFMM never expanded that much, though it is quite a bit larger now than it was then.


    And I too have noticed that here in California, skyrides are scarce. To my knowledge, only SeaWorld, the San Diego Zoo, and CGA have them now. My guess is that they're expensive to maintain and repair, as well as insure.



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